Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Meat Sauce Soy Bean Noodles 肉酱豆签

Soy bean noodles is called tau chiam in Hokkien. It's made of soy bean and wheat. Hence, the Protein value is higher than the normal noodles, and it's low in carbo too. It's good for diabetes patient who loves noodles. The texture is similar to "pan mee" (板面).

I've eaten soy bean noodles a few times before, but each time it is cooked by mum...basically chicken stock soup noodles with ingredients like minced pork, dried shrimps, and "tong chai" (a type of preserved veggies). Honestly, I don't quite like it to be cooked that way.

I strongly believe this high nutrition noodles can be cooked into several simple and yummy dishes. So, I took the first attempt to cook it my way, which I simply named it as Meat Sauce Soy Bean Noodles. Shredded carrot, button mushroom and scallion were added to my Meat Sauce Soy Bean Noodles to make it into a balance diet.

I'm very satisfied with the outcome and I got thumbs up from hubby. :) Luckily I prepared quite a generous portion for him, otherwise, he'll pester me for more. Haha... sounds so proud ya. :P I may discover more recipes for soy bean noodles. Stay tuned!

Meat Sauce Soy Bean Noodles
Serves 2


5 pcs of soy bean noodles
180 gm minced pork/chicken
1 carrot, shredded
6 button mushroom, sliced
3 clove of garlic, chopped
spring onion, cut into 2" length
1 tbsp sesame oil
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

Marinate the minced meat with:
1 tbsp of light soy sauce
dash of pepper


1 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tbsp fermented soy bean sauce
1 tbsp light soy sauce
1/2 tbsp sesame oil
1 tbsp of corn starch diluted in 4 tbsp of water


1. Marinate the meat and leave it for 15 minutes.

2. Bring a pot of water to boil. Cook soy bean noodle as per the packaging instruction. Drain then water and pour the noodle on a big plate.

3. Mix a tbsp of sesame oil with the noodle to prevent the noodle from stick together.

4. Heat some oil in a wok and saute garlic till fragrant. Add in the meat and stir fry till cooked.

5. Add some sesame oil, light soy sauce, fermented bean, mushrooms, carrots and mix well. Pour in half a cup of water and leave it simmering for few minutes.

6. Add the corn starch and the spring onion to mix well just before turning the fire off.

7. Pour the sauce over the soy bean noodle and serve hot.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Song Yen Seafood (Revisited)

Last Saturday when we came back from SP, we dropped by to Song Yen Seafood again for a quick chu char dinner. I blogged about this place previously. Read here.

Basically there are 4 people operating the stall. The team consists of an uncle cum chef, an auntie cum ingredients preparer, another English speaking auntie cum waitress, and a domestic helper. I noticed all the ingredients are weighed before cooking. This will take into price calculation later.

This was the first dish served, the seafood green curry. Auntie mentioned that all their curry dishes are without coconut milk. They substituted it with evaporated milk. If you like spice and herbs, you'll love this dish. It consists of generous amount of prawns, squid, fish fillets, and long beans. Besides Kadok herbs, Thai basil leaves were added to the curry as well. I like Kodok, but not Thai basil, but the curry was still acceptable to me.

Since we have 2 other spicy dishes, we opted for stir fried potato shoot with fermented beans. It tasted quite good. I learned another way of stir frying veggies. :)

3 Cups Chicken. This is the one that I love the most among the all the dishes. A chicken thigh was deep fried till fragrant, but not crispy. Then it was stir fried with the 3 cups sauce. Curry leaves, onion slices and chili were added to enhance the aroma.

The dinner just cost RM26.60. Very reasonable, right? We want to try their Sar Hor Fun for the next visit.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Sweet Potato & Chicken Soup 红薯鸡肉汤

Sweet potato and chicken soup is a recipe that I stumbled upon one of the Chinese recipe book. Do you know sweet potato has its magical properties to moisturize skin, to reduce pressure, to slow the aging process, and to improve immunization? Not only that, it also prevents sugar convert into fat. With a little intake of sweet potato, you'll able to fill up your tummy and also to prevent high calories intake. Doesn't that sounds great?

Here's the modified version of the recipe. This was our dinner last night.

Sweet Potato & Chicken Soup
Serves 2


Half of a kampung chicken, chopped into bite size and soak in water
Half of a yellow onion, sliced
250 gm sweet potato, skinned and cut into bite size
2 clove of garlic, chopped
3 slice of ginger
3 tbsp olive oil
1.5 liter water


Dash of pepper
1 tbsp of oyster sauce
Dash of msg (optional)
Sea salt
Light soy sauce to taste


1. Marinate the chicken with dash of pepper and salt. Let it stand for a while.

2. Drain the sweet potato.

3. Head oil in a wok. Saute the garlic, ginger and onion till fragrant. Add in the chicken till cooked.

4. Pour in the potato, add oyster sauce and stir fry to mix well with the other ingredients.

5. Add water to boil. Let the soup simmering under medium heat. Remove scum from the soup surface from time to time.

6. Add some light soy sauce and msg to taste. Off the fire when the water is reduced to half.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Northbridge Chinese Restaurant 六福海鲜酒家

One afternoon in Perth, we headed to this Northbridge Chinese Restaurant for our dim sum lunch. During peak hours, you got to queue for a table. But we went there at about 2pm in the afternoon, so getting a table was no problem at all. In fact, we got a very attentive service from the waitresses.

Although this is not the top dim sum restaurant in Perth, they serve a wide range of delicious seafood dim sum. They have more variety of dim sums compared to what we have in Malaysia. Ingredients mainly consist of fresh seafood instead of pork. Its not only tasty, but the serving size is generous too. The dim sum suit our taste very well, cuz we are seafood lovers. Opssss......got to watch out the Cholesterol level.

Prawn paste on a sugar cane stick. I like this very much. You can even suck on the sugar cane after you finish up the deep fried prawn paste.

Deep fried soft shell crabs, another tasty dish. It's crispy and aromatic. It's garnished with bird's eyes chili and shredded cabbage to give you an Oomph!

Fish Paste Deep Fried In Seaweed Wrapper. It's simple and yet delicious.

Fried squid tentacles. This is our favorite dish too. Although it has been deep fried, it was not chewy. It taste good if serve with their chili oil.

Hong Kong Chee Cheung Fun, like what we have in Malaysia too. Just that the prawns are bigger and juicier. :P

How can one forget about some greens to balance up the diet? So, we had a plate of kai lan in oyster sauce.

Of course, we had some steamed dim sum too. How can one forget about Har Kow? We chose to have prawn dumplings. These are good quality prawn dumplings, cuz the prawns are so fresh.

I can't remember what's the name for this dish. If I remember correctly, it's the deep fried seafood roll in rice wrapper. It's sprinkled with scallions, shallots and dried shrimps.

Sesame ball with lotus paste. This is the only sweet stuff that we had.

Fried Triangular Fish Paste

Last, but not the least, the Supreme Prawn Dumplings.

If you like hot stuff, you'll love their chili oil.

Overall, this was a very satisfying meal indeed.

Address: 26 Roe Street Northbridge WA 6003.
Tel: 93289288
Fax: 93289108
Operating Hours: Open 7 days
10:30am to 3.00pm (Lunch)
6:00pm till late (Dinner)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lettuce & Tomato Soup With Fish Balls

One Saturday when we had dinner at in law's place, their domestic helper cook this soup. I found that it's quite tasty. I also found out from her that this soup was in fact taught by father-in-law. Not bad wor, father-in-law also can come out with his own recipe, hehe...and he cooks quite frequent too after his retirement. Sometimes, he cooks fried noodle, fried koay teow, fish porridge, and several types of simple desserts.

Here's the improvised version of father-in-law's recipe. I would like to dedicate this post to him, wishing him "Happy Father's Day!". He would be happy if he happens to drop by my blog. Haha...But sadly, he doesn't know hubby & I owned this blog.

Lettuce & Tomato Soup With Fish Balls
Serves 2


1 liter chicken stock (cooked with 1 chicken bone for at least 1 hour)
12 lettuce leaves
3 tomatoes, each one sliced onto 4 portions, seeded
6 large fish balls, halved
2 tbsp of garlic oil
light soy sauce to taste


1. Bring chicken soup to boil in a pot. Pour in garlic oil.

2. Add in tomato slices, stir from time to time until tomato slices are thoroughly cooked.

3. Cook the fish balls in the soup.

4. Add light soy sauce to taste. Just before serving, stir in lettuce leaves.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hungry Jack's in Australia

One morning when we were in Perth, while hubby & I still sweet dreaming, brother-in-law dragged us off from our cozy bed. He wanted to bring us to Hungry Jack's for breakfast. So we went to Hungry Jack's located near Willetton area.

Basically Hungry Jack's In Australia is our Burger King in Malaysia. Why can't they just named it as Burger King? Because during that time in 1970's, there was a little cafe called Burger King. So, they had no choice but to think of a new name. That is how Hungry Jack's was born.

Brother-in-law ordered 2 sets of bacon + egg muffin for hubby and me. The set came with a hash brown. Each of us opted for a cup of hot coffee. :) The weather was so cold in the morning.

Pancakes with maple syrup, this was for our little nephew. He loved it very much. Some more he grabbed away my piece of hash brown. :(

This is how the bacon + egg muffin looks like.

Brother-in-law and sister-in-law had a brekky wrap each. Egg, sausage patty and pork bacon in 10" tortilla wrap.

This was a simple and yet enjoyable breakfast.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Baked Chicken With Home Made Sauce

Through blog hopping, I learned quite a number of cooking method. Iwei's Little House prompted me an idea to cook this dish.

Baked Chicken Set
Serves 2


2 chicken thighs, cleaned and fat removed
3 chad potatoes
12 cherry tomatoes
a dash of mix herbs
a dash of extra virgin olive oil

Marinate the chicken with:

a pinch of salt
a dash of grounded black pepper
1 tbsp of McCORMICK Classic Onion & Mushroom Gravy Mix
2 tbsp of oyster sauce
1 tbsp of light soy sauce
3 cloves of grated garlic
a dash of mixed herbs


Step 1

1. Marinate the chicken thighs and cover the bowl in a zip bag. Leave it for 6 hours in the fridge.

2. Clean the chad potatoes and quarter it. Cook it in a pot of boiling water (salt added).

3. Preheat oven for 200 degrees Celsius for 3 minutes. On a baking tray, wrap up the chicken with aluminum foil. Bake the chicken for 30 minutes under 200 degree Celsius.

Step 4

4. Arrange the potatoes with the cut area facing downwards. This will enhance the absorption of chicken essence. Throw the cherry tomatoes at the top. Pour extra virgin olive oil over the potatoes and sprinkle with mixed herbs.

5. Next is to cover up with the aluminum foil. Continue baking for another 30 minutes under 200 degree Celsius.

6. When it's done, divide the chicken, potatoes and cherry tomatoes onto 2 plates. Pour over the chicken sauce on top of chicken and potatoes.

How Does It Taste:

With this cooking method, the chicken is baked to perfection. The meat is very tender and juicy. The aromatic herbs enhance the overall taste. The chad potatoes absorb the chicken essence and become so flavorful and soft. Really yummy dish... a must try!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oriental Fried Udon

One day I had a sudden urge to fry Japanese udon. I have never fried udon before, and I have no idea what should I take note of. As a first timer, I just try an error based on my common sense. I prepared lots of ingredients for the udon dish. Hence I reduced the udon portion. Here's my oriental fried udon. It turned out fine. Udon is very easy to handle. Now I discover another good recipe for a busy working day. It will just take you about 30 minutes for the preparation and cooking time. Give it a try if you like udon. You can always add in your favorite ingredients to suit your taste buds.

This dish is submitted to the Presto Pasta Nights #118 which is hosted by Daphne.

Oriental Fried Udon
Serves 2


300gm fresh udon
400gm chicken fillet, thinly sliced
Some cabbage, thinly sliced
6 fresh shiitake mushroom, thinly sliced
Half carrot, shredded
One medium onion, thinly sliced
2 clove of garlic, finely chopped
4 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil
some water


2 tbsp of black pepper sauce
1 tbsp of light soy sauce
2 tbsp of oyster sauce
1/4 tbsp of dark soy sauce
5 tbsp of water

Marinate the chicken with:

A dash of grounded black pepper
A pinch of salt


1. Cook the udon as per instruction on the packaging.

2. Heat oil in the wok. Saute garlic and onion until fragrant. Add in carrot, mushroom and cabbage strips and stir fry till fragrant. Add a tbsp of oyster sauce and mix well. Add some water if it is too dry.

3. Pour in the chicken and stir fry till cooked.

4. Add udon into the wok. Add 1 tbsp of oyster sauce and light soy sauce each with 1/4 tbsp of dark soy sauce. Mix well the noodle with all the other ingredients. Fry for few minutes and serve hot.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Roasted Duck @ Restaurant Cho Jiang 珠江烧鸭

In Sungai Petani, whenever we crave for roasted duck, we'll go to Cho Jiang. It is located at the row of shops opposite Parkson Ria and at the back of KFC.

2 glasses of herba tea, cold for him, warm for me.

A Quarter of roasted duck. Hmm...I can smell the aroma of the duck. Quack quack quack....
However, the gravy that served with the roasted duck was tasteless. I can only taste the fermented bean sauce. Doesn't it supposed to contain the essence of duck?

Lastly we had a plate of stir fried yau mak. It was crunchy and tasty with aroma of cooking wine.

A simple meal for two cost for RM20.

Address: C-104 & C105, Jalan Indah 2, Taman Sejati Indah, 08000 Sungai Petani, Kedah.
Tel: 04-4311406

Monday, June 8, 2009

8 Course Meal @ Restaurant Sea Palace

After we came back from Perth, my sister-in-law asked us to join them for an 8 course meal dinner with mum and dad. She booked a table at Restaurant Sea Palace for RM388 nett for the special offer set.

Sea Palace Hot & Cold Combination 海外天四宝

Braised Shark's Fin Soup With Crab Meat 蚧肉烩生翅

Roasted Chicken & Chicken With Thai Sauce 双味鸳鸯鸡

Mixed Mushroom, Clam Slice with Garden Green 双菇贵妃小白菜

Nestum Prawn 黄金鲜明虾

Steamed Red Snapper With Patong Sauce 巴东蒸红狮

Lotus Leaf Rice

The ordinary dessert, longan with sea coconut.

Overall the food was just average. In fact, we were a bit disappointed with the salty taste for almost all the first 7 dishes. Compared to the wedding dinner that we attended in Fisherman's Whalf, the latter is definitely tastier.

Refer to our other review here.

Address: 2-1-9,1st Floor, Bangunan Lip Sin, Lebuh Pekaka Satu, Sungai Dua, 11700 Glugor, Penang, Malaysia.

Tel: 04-6593826, 6593827.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cicerello's @ Fremantle

On the first Saturday when we reached Perth, brother-in-law brought us to Fremantle City. We spend some time patronized the Fremantle Market. We nibbled on fresh and really crunchy grapes that we bought from the market while walking along the street. Finally we made our way to the seaside and went to Cicerello's for our late lunch.

We placed our order, and got a pager. The pager alerted us when our food was ready. Let's see what we had.

Deluxe Chowder, a very yummy creamy soup to go with the bread. I might consume too much fat without realising how many scoops I had taken.

Chili Mussels, this is our nephew's favorite. He loves everything with mussels. Even the 3 mussels in the chowder were gobbled by him. Oh by the way, he's just 6 years-old in the coming August. I'm not so keen in eating mussels. I don't really love the smell and its chewy texture. However, the sauce was so good. I just ate it with garlic bread.

Fish & Chips with extra fish fillets. Again? Yes, why not? Hubby & I understood that we won't be taking any fish and chips in near future after we come back home. Needless to say, the fish and chips never failed us in Australia.

Having our lunch at the seaside was kind of enjoyable. Just got to be careful to look after your food, otherwise the hungry sea gulls will come and snap it away.

You get to enjoy the view by the seaside while taking your food....nice!


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