Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hungry Jack's in Australia

One morning when we were in Perth, while hubby & I still sweet dreaming, brother-in-law dragged us off from our cozy bed. He wanted to bring us to Hungry Jack's for breakfast. So we went to Hungry Jack's located near Willetton area.

Basically Hungry Jack's In Australia is our Burger King in Malaysia. Why can't they just named it as Burger King? Because during that time in 1970's, there was a little cafe called Burger King. So, they had no choice but to think of a new name. That is how Hungry Jack's was born.

Brother-in-law ordered 2 sets of bacon + egg muffin for hubby and me. The set came with a hash brown. Each of us opted for a cup of hot coffee. :) The weather was so cold in the morning.

Pancakes with maple syrup, this was for our little nephew. He loved it very much. Some more he grabbed away my piece of hash brown. :(

This is how the bacon + egg muffin looks like.

Brother-in-law and sister-in-law had a brekky wrap each. Egg, sausage patty and pork bacon in 10" tortilla wrap.

This was a simple and yet enjoyable breakfast.


SimpleGirl said...

i love pancake with syrup and better....sadly the fastfood chain here don't serve pancake...

Unknown said...

You did not try their grilled chicken burger? I loves their grilled chicken burger but burger king here had different tastes. :(

New Kid on the Blog said...

looks like I gotta plan my holiday already... but this H1N1 thing make me so scare of travelling.

Dora said...

Somehow the logo looks a bit like burger king's.

vixar said...

LoL, totally agree with Dora!
haha, nyway, got any outlet in Msia?

Little Inbox said...

SimpleGirl, the pancakes taste quite nice with the butter and maple syrup.

Food Paradise, no wor, I don't know how to choose, so just simply ask brother-in-law to choose for us.

New Kid,, never mind, you can still plan ahead.

Dora and vixar, Hungry Jack's in Australia = Burger King in Malaysia.

buzzingbee said...

oh they are the same? now I know.
anyway the pancake lloks like the one in McD, but only ate before in KL, not in Pg.

Sugar Bean said...

So many of them are my favourite food!! Love hash brown, love pancakes with maple syrup, love bacon and egg muffin. I'm just a big fan of fast food. :)

Wish they would serve pancake in Malaysia fast food restaurant.

Food For Tots said...

I luv pancake! Looks so delicious!

Little Inbox said...

buzzingbee & Sugar Bean, yes I remember I saw it in one of the fast food chain here, but just can't remember which one is it. So, it's Mc D?

Food4Tots, it tastes quite delicious with a cup of hot coffee.


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