Friday, May 15, 2009

Antico Caffe @ East Perth

On the first day of our visit to Perth, brother-in-law brought us to Antico Caffe in East Perth. It is a restaurant that serves Italian food.

This area used to be a slum last time. Over the years, the place have evolved into a new area for people to hang out. There are quite a number of town house apartments near this restaurant.

Italian fine dining in Perth has improved in the recent years. Antico Caffe is one of them. According to brother-in-law, this restaurant is very famous, one of the top three among all the Italian restaurant in Perth. They implement the "BYO" concept, which means you're welcomed to bring your own wine when dining in.

Weekend is the peak period for the restaurant, but during the weekdays, only few tables are occupied. We went there on Friday night, so it was packed. Luckily sister-in-law booked a table in advance. Otherwise, we got to queue up for a table.

Brother-in-law and sister-in-law ordered quite a number of food to share among 4 adults and a toddler.

Castellana pizza costs A$19.90. Ingredients include whole peeled tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, bacon, chicken, spicy Italian sausage, ham and onion.

This pizza was absolutely delicious. It's baked under wood fire. And they have one guy solely in charge for the pizza.

Calamari Fritti costs A$24.90. The tender squid rings were lightly fried until golden brown and served with their special tartar sauce and chips. The calamari rings were humongous. One ring is already enough for me.

Filetto Al Porto, the finest baby beef scotch fillet, grilled to perfection and served with a sensational balsamic and port glaze dressing. It costs A$28.90.

I don't take beef, but this is an exception to me. I took a couple of bites, and I found that it didn't have the "Moo" smell at all. :P

Involtini Di Maccheroni. This is their specialty. Their homemade macaroni are tossed in napoletana sauce, enveloped in slices of eggplant and topped with baked ricotta. This is an outstanding macaroni dish. You'll get 3 rolls of them in a serving. It tasted fabulous. I didn't know macaroni can be so tasty until I tried this.

Misto Mare Alla Griglia, a combination of freshest seafood char grilled and served with chips. The seafood platter consists of fish fillet, scallops, prawns, mussels, and jumbo squids. The seafood platter just normal. In fact, I found it's too salty to my liking.

The meal cost for about A$140 (about RM360++). Thanks to brother-in-law for the treat.

Address: Shop 3/81 Royal Street, Cnr Plain Street, East Perth, WA 6001.
Tel: 08 9221 8222
Fax: 08 9221 8233


Agnes Cheong said...

wish to try the macaroni that u had tasted ! ur description makes my imagination grows..drooling~

cariso said...

"Moo" smell...funny you. :)

Selba said...

Very nice Italian food in Perth.

My Taste Heaven said...

Hmm, the pizza looks so so delicios. I wish to try it. But I could not find a good one in Penang. Took a very good one in US years ago. So, now seldom take pizza in Malaysia

New Kid on the Blog said...

hey pal, can't wait to see more Perth posts from you... welcome home!

Dora said...

Hmmm...the Calamari Fritti looks not bad. :)

SimpleGirl said...

s simply love the food presentation...already made you feel so appetizing...

Unknown said...

This bring back the memories od italian foods we had in Australia. ^-^

minchow said...

Oh how wonderful! I've always been so indifferent towards food in Australia but you may have succesfully changed my mind! I want some calamari fritters!

Elin Chia said...

Mouthwatering food from Perth. Don't talk about the conversion I think the food are cheap and delicious. One can see you are having great time over there :))

Little Inbox said...

Agnes, it was yummy indeed! :P

Cariso, haha...I just type it out when the word came across my mind.

Selba, yes, it is really nice.

My Taste Heaven, some of the pizza serve in Italian restaurant, Malaysia also quite nice.

New kid, I reached Penang on Sunday evening. Yes, you'll see more Perth posts in 2 of my blogs.

Little Inbox said...

Dora, yea it was nice.

Simple Girl, yes agree. Although the waiting time was about 25 minutes, but worth it!

Food Paradise, oh I see.

550ml jar of faith, over the years, the restaurants in Perth are improved so much. You can find all types of yummy food from nasi Beriyani to Hong Kong dim sum.

Elin, if we earn Ausie dollar, we'll not have problem at all.

Kana said...

Perth sounds wonderful!

Food For Tots said...

The signature macaroni dish looks very impressive and interesting! It makes me drooling now!

vincent said...


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jason said...

That's plenty of toppings on the pizza!

choi yen said...

The pizza looks yummy, many ingredients!!!

Steven Goh said...

finally, you are backed. Welcome back. Did you manage to bring a few Wallabies back from there? I wish to try out the macaroni there. Let me start to saving now and once got enough money will go to there.

ai wei said...

have just realize that u have so many blogs! haha, you guys must love blogging a lot.

slurrrppp, food in aus always seems big size

nath said...

my first comment here.. and everything looks delicious :)

Sugar Bean said...

Wow, lucky to have someone to treat you to a nice restaurant in Perth! :) The pizza looks good. Would love to try it out!

buzzingbee said...

Welcome back!
no chance to visit Perth but looks like the food there is very good!! looking forward to more Perth post :)

My Taste Heaven said...

these really make me hungry!


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