Sunday, July 8, 2012

White and Brown Shimeiji Stir-Fry 香炒真姬菇

Shimeji mushrooms contains beta-glucans which is proved as a successful remedy for retarding and destroying growing tumors. Shimeji mushroom is also good for diabetes, asthma and certain allergies by enhancing the immune system. 

While cooking mushrooms, take an additional step to fry the mushrooms in a non-stick pan without oil. This shall be done slowly under low heat. The process will ensure the beta-glucans is released and our body will able absorb it through consumption. 

White and Brown Shimeiji Stir-Fry 香炒真姬菇

100gm of white Shimeiji 
100gm of brown Shimeiji 
1tbsp of oyster sauce 
1tsp sesame oil 
1tbsp of cooking oil  
1tbsp of chopped garlic

1. Cut off the root of the mushrooms. Get the mushrooms separated. 
2. Stir-fry the mushrooms in a non-stick pan without oil under low heat. You will observe moisture release from the mushrooms and the mushrooms reduce in size. 
3. Set aside the mushrooms. Add a tbsp of oil and sauté garlic till fragrant. Mix up the garlic with mushrooms and stir-fry for a while. 
4. Add seasonings, mix well and dish out.


Priya Suresh said...

Loving this fabulous stir fry.

tigerfish said...

I recently cooked something similar and enjoy it very much! Good tip abt cooking the mushrooms the "slowly but surely" way :p

My Little Space said...

What a lovely delicious stir fried mushroom. I can have it with just white rice or pasta. Slurp....
Hope you're enjoying your evening with your cutie princess.

daphne said...

looks so simple but goes well with everything!

kitchen flavours said...

Looks soooo delicious!! Great with rice and noodles!

petite nyonya said...

i love shimeiji mushrooms! simple stir fry like this is the best. knowing about the remedies they bring is truly a bonus too.

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

sound yummy and simple to cook!


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