Monday, June 30, 2008

The Chicken Rice Shop @ Village Mall

The Chicken Rice Shop (TCRS) has been around in Malaysia since year 2000, but it is only recently that my hubby and I went for our first meal at TCRS Village Mall, Sungai Petani. Previously we thought of going for dinner after shopping at Tesco Penang but the waiter at TCRS rudely rejected our shopping trolley (have to leave it outside the shop unattended), so we walk away... >:(

Anyway, we decided to try chicken rice shop at village mall because we don't feel like eating western food that day. My hubby ordered Set A Grilled butter chicken while I ordered single healthy set.

My hubby saw the new grilled butter chicken he ordered set A

The grilled butter chicken...taste a bit weird, so so only

My roast chicken ....taste better than the grilled butter chicken

Braised tofu and braised egg that comes together with my healthy set

Another side dish....Ipoh bean sprouts, but they put ajinomoto on it!! what the!!

Pak Choy with oyster sauce that comes with my hubby's grilled butter chicken

Overall, the taste is so so fact, I would say below average. You can get better chicken rice elsewhere in Penang...especially my mum's place, muahaha :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Curry Fish Head From Shineshine Foodcourt

Yesterday my hubby bought some curry fish head back for dinner. My hubby was doing some shopping at Sunshine Square and before he came back, he went to the food court to buy something different for dinner. He decided to have some curry fish head!

The fish head, though not the best, is quite yummy. Look at the texture, nice fiery red garnish with some mint. My hubby also ordered some squid to go along with the fish head.

The curry fish head is hot and sourish type, which is to my liking. We enjoyed our dinner very much~~

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fresh milk Dadih

When we were back in Sg. Petani last week, we went out for lunch before going to Tesco to do our weekly shopping. On the way to Tesco, my hubby stopped by the roadside to buy some malay "dessert"....turns out to be dadih made from fresh milk. It is located in front of a government operated milk processing facility, in a milk bottle shaped stall.

The dadih is packed into a small cup with seal, selling at RM1.20 each. There are several flavour available such as corn, chocolate, strawberry and milk. We love the original milk flavoured dadih as it has the pure milky taste. Yum, yum.

The ingredient is quite simple....fresh milk, jelly, corn flour, sugar and a pinch of salt. It should be kept refrigerated and best served cold.

We bought 3 cups and before long it is all gone!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Chicago Rib House @ Auto-City

Last Saturday my dear and I went to Auto-City in search for something new for dinner. We went to the Chicago Rib house to try out their pork ribs.

My dear ordered a cup of hot beverage, cappuccino, while I had my vanilla milk shake.

I really like my vanilla milk shake. Sweet, creamy and yummy!

My dear ordered Pork chop with broccoli and mashed potato while I ordered Pork ribs with fried prawns. pork ribs arrived! The pork ribs are tender and juicy, but the fried prawns are so so only. I had coleslaw and broccoli as my side dishes.

And dear's pork chop.....eerrr rib...?? We were a bit confused with the pork chop as it looks exactly like my pork rib, except bigger....
Well, we thought maybe their pork chop is also something like ribs so we consume it anyway...Haha...

At first the food taste quite nice, in fact, it is something that we never tasted before! Yummy! But by the time we finished the food, we felt not so comfortable with our stomach as the food is a bit too strong for us. :(

Anyway, after we paid our bills we found that the waiter has mistakenly took our order as pork ribs for the pork chop :( And overall it cost us RM107 for our dinner!

Oh yes, we got a chance to chat with their Assistant Restaurant Manager, Vincent Yam. He came to us and asked about our opinion on the food ordered. He explained to us that the pork is imported from Holland, and it's fed with corn, so it's safe to be eaten, and it's more delicious.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sheng Yue Organic Vegetarian Food

Couple of weeks ago, my dear and I revisited Sheng Yue for their organic vegetarian food. The shop has been operating for about 2 to 3 years time. The owner is a Taiwanese lady, which I heard was a doctor (or Chinese Sin Seh) in Taiwan before migrating to Malaysia. From her conversation with other customers, I knew that she always emphasize in healthy eating habits. She also plants quite a wide range of organic vegetables on her house compound in Sungai Petani.

Sheng Yue is located at Taman Sejati, Sungai Petani. If you follow the Sungai Petani south exit from the North-South Highway, you will see it on your left once you pass by the toll. A lot of plants can be found at the entrance area. If you look at those plants carefully, you'll notice that some of them are vegetables.

The internal decor of the restaurant consist of the basic necessities. Some vegetarian stuff can be found here as well.

The best thing we like about their food is that all are cooked from natural ingredients, with no additives and nothing is made of gluten. All ingredients were chosen from natural sources. Even the sauces were home made. The lady boss is the chef of her own restaurant.

This satay sauce noodles was recommended by the lady boss. The noodles were imported from Taiwan, with no preservative and no boric acid. That's the reason why it needs to be kept in the fridge. The texture is almost like the spinach organic noodles that I posted here. It's smooth and tender, cooked in home made satay sauce. Ingredients include bean curd cubes, France bean, carrot strips, and garnished with grounded peanut and black sesame seeds. Yummy! I rate it as A!

We ordered another 2 dishes to go with rice. This is the lady boss's signature home made tofu. The tofu cubes are crispy outside but the filling is smooth and silky. You can taste the natural soy bean fragrance. The smell is irresistible. It's able to stimulate your taste bugs.

Next, we have this mushroom dish. It contains mushrooms, peanuts and "fake pork". The "fake pork" is made from water chestnut, soy bean dregs, sweet potatoes and all wrapped up in bean curd skin and deep fried. It's springy and tasty. The dish contains lots of gravy which is fully absorb the ingredients.

Although all the above dishes do not contain food additives, however, they are so flavorful and yet, you won't feel thirsty. The lady boss is truly an excellent chef. I can feel her passionate in cooking, and her spiritual in cooking fresh and delicious organic food. Thumbs up to the lady boss! We really enjoyed the scrumptious dinner. :)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Jelutong Char Tang Hun

We haven't go out for hawker food for quite some time already. We used to eat hawker food almost every week but after some time we felt that we should eat more home cooked healthy food. That's why we haven't post any hawker food for quite a while. Looking back at our photos we found ourselves missing some of the delicious penang hawker food.

One of them is Char Tung Hun (fried glass noodles) that we found in Jelutong. We love the Hokkien mee over there also but sometimes we find ourselves eating too much Hokkien mee so we'd order something else for a change. The Char Tung Hun is fragrant and smooth, fried with big prawns, pork and egg. It's best to eat with sambal.

We also ordered See Kou Th'ng, nice!

But bear in mind, the cleanliness about this place is terrible. Once, I saw a big fat rat hopping around. Yak!! Lost appetite liao.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Johnny's Restaurant @ Queensbay

Hubby and I went to Queensbay Mall the other day to have dinner with two brother-in-laws. We tried to find something different to eat in Queensbay but couldn't think of one so we ended up having steamboat at Johnny's. We never went to Johnny's before so we thought why not just give it a try.

The environment is okay but there's only a few customers. I think it is because during weekdays the business tends to be a bit slow. We settled down the middle row as the tables over there is a bit small for 4 person.

We ordered Set C (RM59.90 for 4 person), and some additional dishes to go along with the steamboat. Normally we'd go for buffet steamboat but there is none over there so we'll have to make do with it :P

Within minutes the ingredients was brought up to our table. Yup, multilayer tray stacked on top of each other. Each of the tray was filled with different ingredients. This concept is to save the space so that our small table can put other things.

Before long our sup was boiling with steam coming out.....

And our steamboat dinner is ready...the good thing about it is that we don't feel very thirsty after having the steamboat, which means....less Ajinomoto. Definitely a plus!

We also ordered spinach noodle w/ roasted chicken and roasted pork.
The mee is nice and QQ.

Some mushroom fried rice to fill up our stomach...Eldest BIL loves it.

And finally some roasted chicken wing.....oh no, I can't eat chicken wing :(

Overall, it is a satisfying meal for us, and we think that maybe we ordered a little too much as the Set C is actually quite a lot.

Thanks to eldest BIL for treating us the meal. He's now back in Perth.


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