Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Crispy Anchovies In Spicy, Sweet and Sour Sauce

This anchovies dish is a courtesy of my mum. It is absolutely an appetizing dish that attracts my palate. I can eat it on its own or to serve it with rice. You can cook this in larger portion and store it in air-tight container to be consumed for the next few days. Enjoy!

250gm anchovies
200ml water
Cooking oil

(A) To grind:
1 ½ bulb of garlic, peeled
7 red chili, seeded
7-8 bird’s eye chili

(B) To juice:
6 calamansi
½ lemon

Sugar, salt or light soy sauce to taste

1. Grind ingredients (A) into paste using mortal and pestle. Set aside.
2. Juice the ingredient (B). Set aside.
3. Rinse the anchovies in running water, drain and pat dry with kitchen tissue
4. Heat up oil in a wok, deep fry anchovies into golden yellow. Drain the oil, and rest the anchovies on kitchen tissue to remove excess oil.
5. In the same wok, heat up some oil to sauté the grounded garlic and chili paste.
6. Pour in water and leave it simmers for a while. Add in the juice to mix well.
7. Add sugar, salt or light sauces to taste. Simmers the sauce till thickening and off the flame.
8. Toss in the anchovies to coat with the sauce.


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