Monday, March 31, 2008

XE Flavour restaurant @ ShenZhen

A few of my chinese friends invited me for dinner last week when I'm on a business trip. This time, they took me to one of the most crowded restaurant in ShenZhen - XE Flavour. The restaurant serves mainly Hunan dishes, which they call "xiang cai" 湘菜. Xiang cai is one of the eight major types of dish in china, with hot and sourly dominating the attraction for people who likes hot stuff! Another type of hot food in China is 川菜 "Chuan cai", which originates from SzeChuan. But I found that sometimes the chuan cai is toooooo hot for normal human consumption, imagine red hot chilli with tongue numbing pepper.

The grande entrance....

Tools for your typical chinese dinner :)

One of the cold dishes - chicken feet

Duck neck

Another cold dish - ground nuts with beancurd skin

Pork leg - fatty isn't it >:)

土鸡汤 - what we call kampung chicken soup, mixed with butter

Fatty pork with buns

Glutinous rice cakes

Stir fried squid with chilli

Last but not least, the hideous steam fish - if only the fish doesn't come with excessive bone counts :P
Overall the food was ok, but maybe not suited to my Penang taste bud. Will try out other things next time.

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