Saturday, July 12, 2008

Restaurant Loke Thiem Hakka @ Patani Jaya, SP

Not many places to dine in when we are back in Sungai Petani. In fact, we always revisit the same places. Loke Thiem Hakka Restaurant is one of our favorite restaurant. They serve a lot of small dishes which we normally cook at home. The old lady boss always emphasise that they only serve 家乡小菜. What a humble aunty.

This time hubby and I brought FIL with us for a simple dinner there. FIL is a bit down recently, so we got to give him some sort of counselling to motivate him. :P Got mission some more, yea... Instead of ordering the same kind of dishes, this time we tried something simple and different.

For the vegie, we ordered sweet potato shoots stir fry in sambal belacan. Why sweet potato shoots? Reason is simple cuz it's without herbicide. It's like my home cooked dish. :P

Next, we had this pineapple chicken. The chicken was deep fried before stir fried with pineapple sauce. With the pineapple and onion, it's very appetizing.

Lastly, we had this one big piece of their home made soft tofu. It was deep fried, topped with special soy sauce, and garnish with crispy dried shrimps and spring onion.

Overall the dinner including drinks just cost us about RM32. Quite a reasonable price.


Anonymous said...

look yummy~~

Coketai said...

Can I have the address and direction please! Rare to get restaurant review from Sungai Petani or even Kedah state!!
Thank a lot!

minchow said...

Ooh the tofu looks good... extra points for it being home made!

New Kid on the Blog said...

hey, this is C&G aka cheap and good. :)

Little Inbox said...

hi squall, ya, it is yummy :)

coketai, it is located in Patani Jaya, the row of shop houses opposite Econsave.

550ml jar of faith, the home made tofu is definitely a gem.

new kid, this restaurant is not in the real cheap list...there are some other place in SP even cheaper...:P

Allie said...

My tummy is crying for the food!

daphne said...

oh gosh.. that looks great and with that price too. inbox-u know how to find bargains!

Little Inbox said...

allie, come on, don't torture yourself, have a nice meal.

daphane, :) here can find a lot of cheap food.


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