Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Chicken Soup With Mee Suah

I learned from a nutritional talk that traditional Chinese herbs are believed to have high nutritional value. Herbs have high minerals contents, which is one of the essential nutrition to our body. If you notice, Chinese usually boil those herbs with pork, mutton, beef, duck and chicken, which are the important sources of protein. The minerals itself, if left alone, will not have much impact to our body. Only with the help of protein, our body can absorb the nutrition.

From the initial mee suah in herba soup, I've made another attempt on this new recipe, Free Range Chicken Soup With Mee Suah. Now a days, I used to buy a free range chicken during my weekly marketing. Normally one kampung chicken will cost around RM13. Although it's more expensive, but I strongly believe it has higher nutrition value, and low in Steroid. It is a wise investment for health. Don't you agree?

This is another simple healthy recipe for a working woman. Try this out and you'll able to taste a bowl of delicious and healthy noodle soup. Hubby and I love this very much!

Chicken Soup With Mee Suah
Serves 2


1 teabag of A1 Chicken Soup Essence
Half kampung chicken, skined, fat removed, and chopped into 2 pcs
5 cloves of garlics, skinned
8 red dates, washed
2 flat tbsp of wolfberries, washed and drained
1 tbsp of oyster sauce
900ml of hot boiling water
5 pcs of mee suah


1. Pour in the hot boiling water into the slow cooker. Add in all the ingredients except mee suah.

2. Let the soup boils under high heat for 4 hours and turns to auto mode for the last 2 hours.

3. Bring a pot of water to boil. Cook mee suah and drain. Serve in 2 bowls.

4. Laddle few scoops of soup and pour over the mee suah.

We couldn't stop slurping the chicken soup, it is so yummy!


SimpleGirl said...

Simple, tasty and healthy meal...i love herbal soup!!!

Duckie said...

i love herbal soup too!!! and i like soups. they're the easiest to make.

New Kid on the Blog said...

simple food yet nutritious!!!

Selba said...

Mee suah in herba soup, that's new for me :)

I usually always cook mee suah in very simple way, egg and uhmmm.. aiyoo.. forgot the name of the veggie, maybe I should post it someday in my blog ;D

email2me said...

This one if over dose of Dong Kwai .... there goes ..... sure guy get nose bleed .... =.="

Anonymous said...

i like herbs soup...especially with thich taste...^^

Dora said...

I love Mee Suah and herbal soup! And this one is a perfect marriage of the two. :)

worldwindows said...

Here's to health. Just love these herbal soup esp. in these rainy days.

Little Inbox said...

SimpleGirl, yeap quite healthy. :)

Duckie, yalor just leave the soup to boil for few hours, then we will able to taste the yummy and nutritious soup.

New kid, yes. It suits my requirements. Simple ingredients and easy method.

Selba, here in Malaysia, this is nothing new to us.

Little Inbox said...

email2me, no dong quai la, so don't worry!

Squall, oh, I see. :)

Dora, another dish that falls to our favorite noodle list. :)

Worldwindows,yes, correct. It ables to warm up our bodies during the cool day.


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