Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Six Combination Dessert 六味糖水

One thing that I don't like about Chinese New Year season is the weather. I can't stand of the heat from the hot burning sun. Furthermore, we take quite a lot of heaty food and nip on those oily snacks. Recently, the hot weather and work pressure drive me crazy. I told myself I have to really take care of my health. At least, I have to cook some nice food to cool me down. So, this is what I thought of - the six combination dessert.

The ingredients of six combination. From the clockwise - Solomon's Seal 玉竹, lotus seeds 莲子, Fox nuts 芡实, Lily bulbs 百合, Wai San 淮山, and the centre is dried longan 龙眼肉. You can get a pack of this ingredients at any Chinese medicine shop or in any supermarkets. It cost you about RM3. Usually people use this for salty herbal soup, but not all of us know the six combination ingredients are suitable for dessert. I learn this from my mom. :)

Ok, let us get to know about the benefits from all the six ingredients.

Solomon's Seal 玉竹 is used to nourish yin, to moisten dryness of lung, to remove stomach dry heat, to ease cough, dry throat, thirst and constipation.

Lotus seed 莲子 is used to tonify kidneys and to nourish heart. It is believed in Chinese medicine to "clear heat" and be particularly nutritious and restorative to one's health.

Fox nut 芡实 is believed to strengthen kidney, and to strengthen the spleen to relieve diarrhea; regulate blood pressure; relieve numbness and aching near waist and knees. It is suitable for arthritis; impotence; and premature aging.

Lily bulb 百合 assists to moist lung, and to clear heat. So, it is effective to ease cough and sore throat.

Wai San 淮山 is good for stomach. Besides, it is a good ingredients for weight loss diet.

Dried longan 龙眼肉 helps to improve blood circulation, improve heart efficiency and reduce stress and tension.

So, overall, this six combination dessert is a kind of soothing soup. The methods are very simple.

The Six Combination Dessert
Serves 2

A pack od six combination soup ingredients

900ml of water

Some rock sugar

2 Omega 3 hard boiled eggs


1. Wash and drain the ingredients.

2. Bring water to a boil and pour into slow cooker.

3. Add in the ingredients and cook under high heat for 3 hours.

4. Add some rock sugar to taste, and let it simmer under auto mode for another 1 hour.

5. Serve hot with hard boiled egg.

Hubby and I really enjoyed our bowl of dessert while watching movie at home. The hard boiled egg really enhance the flavor. Also, I spend my time biting those ingredients. What can I say? It's yummy and healthy. :)


Food Paradise said...

The weather is really hot during CNY. This sort of desserts are good for the hot weather. lol

Anonymous said...

Its been quite a while since I last had this soothing tong sui. It taste good too when taken cold.

Dora said...

Have not tried dessert with egg added. Wonder how it tastes like. Only see such desserts when watching Hong Kong dramas. ;p

Precious Pea said...

Ahhh....i wish i have a bowl of your six combo dessert to soothe my throat now. Yes, weather is extremely hot. Do take care!

New Kid on the Blog said...

I agreed with you, never like CNY weather. The weather is like killing you, and it's like burning your skin. So hot out there... if you didn't drink enough of water, there goes... you'll fall sick. :(

Little Inbox said...

Food Paradise, yes, that's why I took my time to cook this. :)

CK, I see. Just that cold stuff slow down digestion, hehe...

Dora, it taste much more better with egg. Trust me!

Precious Pea, yes I will. You too, take care!

New kid, yalor. I hate to go out for lunch on working days recently. But what to do? Nothing to eat in the canteen. :(

Selba said...

Great to know what the benefit of each ingredients. thanks for sharing!

Duckie said...

i did something like that for cny too!! but all ingredients are my own combination!! haha ..

J2Kfm said...

gimme one of those !!!
yeah the waether's horrendous this time of the yr.

plus the fried stuff. urgh ...

worldwindows said...

I go for the egg first and esp. if its quail eggs!

Elin Chia said...

I want one too ! The weather is humid and hot...a bowl of that would be super nice :)

Anonymous said...

my mum used to make this lok mei soup but she switches to other types of soup since this needs lots of ingredients and i dislike pak hup because of the 'sediment'. so now my mum makes lily bulb with hard boiled egg dessert.

Anonymous said...

indeed a soothing drink for such 'oven-like' weather here! :)

Food For Tots said...

Haven't tried this six combi in dessert style. Will try it out one day. The weather over here is really hot and dry. Btw is this dessert called "汤水" or "糖水"?

Little Inbox said...

Selba, no problem. :)

Duckie, oh I see. :) Normally on the first day of CNY, my mom cooks the dessert with dried longan and pek kuey.

J2Kfm, yalor, talking about the weather, hai......

Worldwindows, quail egg contains high cholesterol. That's the reason I substitute it with Omega-3chicken egg.

Yup Elin, super nice !!

Renaye, thanks for dropping by. :)

Buzzingbee, correct!

Food For Tots, hehe, now your turn to correct my error. LOL. Thanks.


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