Monday, July 27, 2009

Roasted Drumsticks With Fruit Salad

I'm glad that I found this recipe from Elinluv's Tidbits Corner. I did some modification on the marinate ingredients since I don't have the cajun seasoning, paprika and oregano. Like Elin said, this is the really finger licking good drumsticks. Yummy!

Roasted Drumsticks With Salad
Serves 2


6 drumsticks with skin on, remove the excessive fat from skin

Marinate With:

1 tbsp oyster sauce
1/2 tsp sea salt
1 tbsp light soy sauce
dash of black pepper
3 cloves of grated garlic
dash of mixed herbs
some honey


2 green apple, cubed
2 red apple, cubed
6 cherry tomatoes, halved
fruit salad dressing


1. Marinate the chicken drumsticks for about 6 hours. Rub it with honey an hour before roasting.
2. Preheat oven at 230º C. Roast the drumsticks for 25 minutes.

3. Take out the drumsticks and rub it with margarine.

4. Roast for another 30 minutes till cooked.

5. Elin's tips: Remember to keep turning the drumsticks for even browning of the crispy skin.


Elin Chia said...

Hi Little Inbox,

I am glad you tried this out..haha looks great and I am most happy to see that you are so good in cooking and baking now. So you can jump aboard with us in this passion. Haha welcome and hope to exchange more recipes with each other. Your hubby must be happy now...homecooked food ! :)))

New Kid on the Blog said...

wah... you're a good cook nowadays!! am happy for you!!!

Selba said...

Yummm.... roasted drumstick! that's something I love to eat a lot, hehehe

Little Inbox said...

Elin, hmm...hubby is so lucky to have me hor? Hahaha...
I'm addicted to hop from one to another blog that posted yummy home cooked recipes.
I'll follow your advise to use paprika and cajun seasoning for the next try. :)

New Kid, hehe practice make me cook better. I really cook a lot lately. I'll cook on whatever I crave for. :)

Selba, you love drumsticks too? :)

Duckie said...

looks good ... you're such good cook!!!

Dora said...

I like chicken drumsticks!

They made me so hungry. Better go and grab my lunch now! ;p

allie said...

Love the looks of the drumstick. No oily surface is detected :P

daphne said...

That baked beautifully.. it looks awesome!! Would love to dig into it with some rice..or even mash potato!

Tummythoz said...

5 more mths to go & already craving? I'll pray for u. =P

worldwindows said...

This will make my son very happy. Always go for double drumstick rice!

cariso said...

I wanna try this recipe too!

buzzingbee said...

another nice dish from your kitchen! thumbs-up even from the look at the pic. :)

Unknown said...

another quick and easy meals. ^-^

Little Inbox said...

Duckie, thank you. Just started to cook some simple dishes these few years. :)

Dora, opss...sorry! You had a satisfying lunch yesterday?

Alie, not oily because the oil already dripped onto the tray below the drumsticks.

Daphne, thanks. Oh yea! I can try to make mashed potato next time. :P

Little Inbox said...

Tummythoz, 5 more months to go? Means I'm 4 months preggy? Haha...You're definitely wrong even though I wish it's true.

Worldwindows, I see.

Cariso, hope you will like it!

Buzzingbee, thank you!

Food Paradise, hmm...but have to clean the oven after roasting. :(

Big Boys Oven said...

this recipe sure a good one, esppecially the chicken had a 6 hours marination ! so cool! :)

Jason said...

Hi Little Inbox,
Maybe you could substitute the margarine with butter next time... as margarine has quite high content of trans fat. But still, it's a yummy recipe!

Little Inbox said...

BBO, longer marinating hours enhance the flavor.

Jason, coincidentally I ran out of stock for butter, so just substitute it with margarine. Next time must spare some butter at home. :)

tigerfish said...

The fruit salad makes everything sound so refreshing :)

Little Inbox said...

tigerfish, the salad is very appetizing. Sweet & sourish.


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