Thursday, July 30, 2009

Simmos Icecream @ Mandurah

I would like to end my post for July with a "sweet" one on the Simmos Icecream. Any ice-cream lover out there? :P
How could one miss a scoop or two of Simmos Ice-cream when visiting Mandurah, WA? No way! We enjoyed a single scoop of Cappuccino ice-cream before our cruise to see the Dolphins.

See, this is the single cone ice-cream. One scoop is equivalent to a double or more as what you would expect to get in Malaysia. It's sweet, rich, creamy and yummylicious. We can taste the "freshness" of the fresh milk and cream in the ice-cream. I fall in love with it on the first lick. :P. The store is just next to Dome right on the boardwalk in the cosmopolitan town of Mandurah. Having our ice-cream while sight seeing was kind of relaxing.

Besides the awesome ice-cream, they do serve icy cool, sorbets, indulgent desserts and even hot drinks. They have about 39 flavors available each day.

Their stores are located at:

On the Boardwalk
Unit 6 / 73 Mandurah Terrace, Mandurah
T | 08 9582 7177
Open | 10.30 till late everyday (seasonally adjusted)
Email |


161 Commonage Road, Dunsborough
T | 08 9755 3745
Open | 10.30 am – 5pm everyday
Email |

Top of Town
Shop 2 / 140 Bussell Highway, Margaret River
T | 08 9758 8886
Open | 10.30am till late everyday (seasonally adjusted)
Email |


SimpleGirl said...

i agree with you....reminds me of the ice cream i took in Gold Coast, really more rich than here....frankly, the quality of the milk really makes a big different!!! miss is so much!!

Agnes Cheong said...

Wow~ ice-cream! Sure rich in taste from the look itself~ So in vacation?

Selba said...

39 flavors? That's a lof of choices, yummm...

Unknown said...

yum! Yum! I loves ice-cream. lol

Big Boy Oven said...

wow! this is defintely a delicious ice cream, I am too salivating now! :) It's time to buy some ice cream home!

Food For Tots said...

Tks for starting my day with your sweet post. Looks do irresistable!

ai wei said...

ice cream! i am craving for me now.

Little Inbox said...

SimpleGirl, very yummy, right?

Agnes, no back to Malaysia. That was during my trip in May.

Selba, yes lots of variety to choose from.

Food Paradise, most of ppl love it too! :)

Little Inbox said...

BBO, absolutely delicious!

Food for Tots, no problem!

Ai Wei, so, Baskin Robin, Haagan Daize?? :P

buzzingbee said...

ahhh ice cream!! the craving never ends...must ask my aunt to take me there when I go over to her place next time!

daphne said...

YES! I love love love Simmons ICE-CREAM! They used to have a branch in Freo and we go there sooo often but they have since closed that branch down. Love their rum and raisin ice-cream and the cheeky monkey (banana)!

Dora said...

That's a big cone! Yum yum!

Little Inbox said...

daphne, yes, I love it too! Yummy!

Dora, yes really big! Delicious!


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