Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bali Hai Seafood Market

Bali Hai Seafood Market
90,90A,90B,90C,90D, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang.
Tel: 04-2288272
Website: http://balihaiseafood.com/

Bali Hai Seafood Market is a place located along the Gurney Drive Penang. They serve dim sum for breakfast and seafood for dinner. A few hut shelters were set-up at the side. It's was so enjoyable to have our dim sum breakfast in one of the shelter. What made me happy was the delicious dim sum that hubby chose from the dim sum array. All suits my taste buds. Both of us left the restaurant with satisfying tummies.

My favorite crispy prawn roll served with Mayonnaise. A fried dim sum that I used to like these recent years.

Guo-Tie or Pot Stickers served with ginger in black vinegar. These are the well-done guo-tie. It's in  my to-do list now. 

Prawn dumpling or Har Gao. The prawns are fresh and juicy.

Braised chicken feet with spices. I seldom take chicken feet when dine out. So, most of it went to his stomach. :)

Minced pork and crab stick in seaweed.

Pork dumpling or Siew Mai. It tastes average.


孤Owl的王子- Nick Goh said...

Bali Hai got dim sum?? i think only have seafood :)

fuat gencal said...

Hayırlı günler, ellerinize, emeğinize sağlık. Çok leziz ve iştah açıcı olmuş.


Belly Good Cooking said...

My hubby frequently travels to Penang and he told me Bali Hai Seafood Market's food is expensive. Is it true?

MaryMoh said...

These are just making me hungry...all my favourite there. The chicken feet look sooooo delicious...mmmm

Little Inbox said...

孤傲的王子, yes. They serve dim sum in the morning.

Fuat Gencal, hello. Welcome!

Belly Good Cooking, the total cost for all the dim sum is RM20++. Quite affordable, right? But, for their seafood, I have no idea on the pricing.

MaryMoh, the chicken feet taste ok. :)

Belly Good Cooking said...

Hmm...... guess it's the seafood then, LOL. Love the chicken feet too!

Zoe said...

They all look so delicious to me :D

Little Inbox said...

Belly Good Cooking, yes I guess so.

Zoe, yes. These are the right choices.

My Taste Heaven said...

wow the siew mai looks amazing!

Smoky Wok (formerly Tastes of Home) said...

I must check this place out the next time I'm in Penang. All the dim sum look delicious, I actually love chicken feet hehe

thanks for sharing!

tigerfish said...

*drooling all the way*

Shell (貝殼) said...

Nice pics !! and all the foods looks delicious..yummy!

noobcook said...

Penang really lotsa good food :p~

mysimplefood said...

Ohhhh your pics are so yummy. I feel so hungry now just looking at them.

Kim - Liv Life said...

Your photos are just amazing!! What gorgeous food... I wish I was there!


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