Monday, September 10, 2012

Air-Fried Lemongrass Flavored Chicken Wings

These fried chicken wings were cooked in air-fryer. It is oil-free, and it’s fragrantly infused with lemongrass flavor. To increase the crispiness, potato starch was used to coat the chicken before frying.

Air-fried Lemongrass Flavored Chicken Wings (Air-Fryer Recipe)

10 chicken wings, rinsed and excess fat discarded
potato starch

Marinades (blended):
2 stalk of lemongrass (just the white portion)
1 onion, peeled and diced
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 ½ tbsp of honey
dashes of white pepper powder

1. Marinate the chicken wings for overnight in air-tight container.
2. Preheat the air-fryer for 3 minutes at 180 deg C.
3. Coat the chicken wings with potato starch and arrange in the air-fryer. Note: the air-fryer can fry 4 chicken wings at one time.
4. Fry the chicken wings for 15 minutes at 180 deg C. Overturn the chicken wings and fry for another 10 minutes or till golden brown.
5. Dish out.


daphne said...

That would have been a flavoursome chicken wing for sure!

Elin said...

Wow...looks good and finger licking good and what more healthier too ...air fried , cool!

Priya Suresh said...

Makes me hungry..

Cuisine Paradise said...

Gosh!! This sure look mouthwatering! I just got an air-fryer will try out this recipe soon. So the 4 chicken wings are the max to go in at one time?

TasteHongKong said...

Their crusts look lovely, but not oily.

kitchen flavours said...

Looks crunchy and delicious! I can eat half a dozen myself!

Little Inbox said...

Yes, without overlapping.

Marsita Yahya said...

Hi, dropped by & join from paty's kitchen.

tigerfish said...

Always cannot resist such a marinade for chicken wings.

Unknown said...

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MaryMoh said...

Mmmm...I would love this. I'm sure the lemongrass gives it a lot of nice aroma.

noobcook said...

They look like deep-fried! I have an air-fryer but been collecting dust :( I'm going to "re-activate" it and try out your recipe!

sunshine said...

Will this work the same in a oven at the same temperatures stated?

chichicho said...

it's not even lunch yet...looking at this is a torture!
i wanna get an airfryer

chichicho said...

do i have to chop up the lemon grass? slice it? dice it? grind it?

muniera said...

It says all of the ingredients blended together

Little Inbox said...

muniera, yes, you are right. Blend into paste.

Unknown said...

Dear Little box

What brand is your air-fryer, I just got Big boss, is that good enough of a machine to achieve your receipts ?

Please advise.

Thanks in advance

Little Inbox said...

Stephen, I'm using Philips.


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