Sunday, June 20, 2010

Strawberry Moment @ Cameron Highlands

Strawberry Moment Dessert Cafe
24, Jalan Angsana Satu, Brinchang Point,39100, Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia.
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Visiting Strawberry Moment is a must when we go to Cameron Highlands. Enjoying yummy desserts or drinks in a cool ventilated ambiance is so relaxing. Relax, yes, that's the purpose we planned the short holiday anyway. We felt so refreshing in that 2 days. No worries and no stress. Cool...

This time, we went there after our lunch. We just order yogurt and hot chocolate. The Tri-color Fruit Yogurt looked nice, but it's too sweet.

This is nothing special, just the normal hot chocolate. :)


New Kid on the Blog said...

how i wish to spend 2 days in cameron highland to distress myself. :(

Joanne said...

Those look like some delicious desserts!

ai wei said...

it is looking pretty but sweet stuff will draw me back ><

MeRy said...


WendyinKK said...

Oh... did they put honey on the plate? and put serving glasses on the honey?
What a waste.

Yeah, I saw the shop at Brinchang, just near the regency apartments.
I go to Camerons few times in a year, but I never visit this shop.

Priya Suresh said...

Woww beautiful desserts..

fimere said...

je trouve ce blog très joli avec de superbes recettes, bravo
ces verrines sont exquises
bonne soirée

Noob Cook said...

looks really refreshing :)

Shell (貝殼) said...

I've been to this restaurant before. Their desserts are not bad.

tigerfish said...

they should have introduced some kind of chocolate fondue instead for dipping the strawberries rather than putting the hot chocolate in the menu. ;p

Little Inbox said...

New Kid, It's not so difficult to plan a 2-days trip, right?

Joanne, too sweet fore me.

ai wei, the jam at the bottom is too sweet.

MeRy, I like the environment more than the dessert.

wendyywy, not sure if it's honey or jam.

Little Inbox said...

Priya, yes, they looks really pretty.

noobcook, in fact, the environment is more refreshing, hehe...

Shell, I like their cake, compare to yogurt.

Tigerfish, they have that, but I didn't order it. THe hot chocolate is for hubby, he had bad cough, so no cold stuff for him.


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