Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Vegetarian Pastries From Adventist Bakery

Adventist Bakery is situated in the Adventist Hospital, Pulau Tikus. It sells all types of breads, cakes and egg tarts. All are vegetarian pastries. You can find some organic food from there as well, like oats, Psyllium husk, soy milk, beans, sugar, salt, olive oil, etc. We used to visit their outlet in Sunshine Square, but it has been shutdown for quite some time. Now, they have another branch in Sunshine Farlim, which I have not been there before.

My dear and I love to eat their cheese cake and Tiramisu. It just cost RM3.80 per piece, which is quite reasonable.

Cappuccino cheese cake


We tried their banana nutty cake and hazzelnut cake also, which cost for RM4.80 each. It's my dear's favorite, but it's too sweet to my liking. I will choose to have their sardin buns and sambal prawn buns instead.

The egg tarts, 4 in 1 pack cost for RM4.80. It is made of castard, eggs, milk and sugar.

These are the wholemeal potato buns. It contains lots of sesame seeds, which is good for health.


J2Kfm said...

Adventist Hospital ... isn't the bakery the one that sells rice ice-cream? supposed not sweet and good for diabetic patients.

little inbox said...

j2kfm, har?? Not sure what is the rice ice-cream wor. Pai seh...

Anonymous said...

I use to think that modern vegetarian food are all soya analogues and oil until I tried Adventist Bakery. Fantastic breads...healthy and tasty. The best in Malaysia.

NR SWEETS said...

is the egg tart...really used fresh egg or vegetarian GMO egg? If fresh egg, since when egg became vegetarian ?


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