Monday, August 18, 2008

Cheese Cakes From Secret Recipe

On my birthday night, after we went for dinner @ Japin, hubby bought me some cheese cakes from Secret Recipe. He bought 3 pieces of cheese cakes with different flavors.

First, we had this Cappuccino cheese cake. Layered with vanilla and topped with choc rice, it is a nice combination of creamy cheese and cappuccino. Among all the flavor, this is my favorite. I ate almost 80% of it. :P

Next will be the marble cheese cake. It is smooth creamy baked cheese on crunchy oat nut base. Nothing to shout about. Furthermore, I don't really like the nutty cake base. :(

Lastly will be the Oreo cheese cake. It is frozen cream cheese with loads of crushed oreo biscuits. It's just so so nia compared to my favorite Cappuccino's.

Of course, we didn't finish it one shot. I kept some in fridge, so that I can serve it chilled the next day. Hmm...just wonder how much weight we've gained?? Oh, no!


J2Kfm said...

oh but I used to love their Oreo cheesecake, as that was my FIRST piece of their products.
rendezvous ...

but somehow I find their cakes had been deteriorating lately, and I'm not a frequent customer anymore

Elin Chia said...

Hi Little Inbox,

A belated Happy Birthday wish to you.:) Guess you had a wonderful birthday with all those yummy cheesecakes from SR.

Little Inbox said...

j2kfm, yea, it's deteriotrating, however, the Cappuccino cheese is really yummy!

Elinluv, thank you. Not only the cheese cakes, but also the delicious lunch and dinner...hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday......

my wife like their mable cheese cake and tiramisu...

me? ,... any cake la.. hahaha... as long as feed into my tummy... hahaha

Little Inbox said...

Penang Tua Pui, hmm...I like Tiramitsu also. :)


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