Sunday, August 3, 2008

Steamed Egg With Kadok Herbs

See my smooth and silky steamed egg? Aha, after failing few times to get a good result, I still not giving up, but to get a secret from my mama. Needless to say, the outcome of smooth and silky texture will definitely taste better than rough surface steam egg. ;P

The other day, my colleague passed me some kadok leaves which she plucked from the river side near her house. Instead of using it to cook perut ikan or make some otak-otak, I carried out a series of experiments to discover new recipes. Steamed egg with Kadok herbs is one of them. If you like the smell of the Kadok herbs, you'll like this version of steamed egg.

1. 6 of Kadok leaves
2. 2 Omega eggs
3. Some water

1. 2 tbsp of light soy sauce
2. dashed of pepper

1. Wash the Kadok leaves and get it thinly sliced.
2. Beat eggs in a porcelain bowl. Add estimated amount of water, light soy sauce, dash of pepper and the Kadok leaves. Mixed well.
3. Steam under low heat for 10 minutes.


CRIZ LAI said...

This sounds interesting. You might want to ass in a bit of sesame oil to bring out the taste. Moreover, I did not see you garnish it with a bit of chopped garlic oil. It goes well with steamed egg.

One secret to share with you. To get great steamed egg, the water used should be the same as the quantity of eggs you are using. Eg. If you are using two eggs, then 2 egg shells of water it should be. Steam it under low fire.

Little Inbox said...

Criz Lai, with Kadok leaves itself, it able to bring out the "otak-otak" smell, so nothing is used for garnishing. I doubt whether garlic oil will match the herb smell.
I never measure the ammount of water to be added, just based on my experience. :)

CK Lam said...

what a good idea of making use of the kadok leaves... at least we can make another dish out of it.

Little Inbox said...

CK, not a bad idea hor? :)

Elin Chia said...

Simple and definately taste good dish. I love kadok leaves esp in perut ikan and otak otak :) Shall try this out for I have daun kadok planted in my small plot of garden. Only thing is I always fail when it comes to steaming of eggs. It is either under steamed or over steamed :( Can never get it right. Thanx for such simple and easy dish...:)

Little Inbox said...

Elinluv, no problem. We are here to share home recipe, right?

daphne said...

hmm.. did u change the design of your blog a little? It looks different.

I hv to be more patient to do the steam egg. Mine always hv "bubbles"

Little Inbox said...

Daphne, I modified the template, design the logo and colour tone. Now become customized template. Nice or not?

New Kid on the Blog said...

I've tried many times, but many times failed. but with Criz' idea, will have to try that again. :)

yours looks yummy!

Little Inbox said...

Hehe, new kid. Thank you. Wish you get a great result on the next try!

Anonymous said...

kadok with steam egg...sound special...

Little Inbox said...

Squall, creative, right?

Shell (貝殼) said...

dun know what is Kadok leaves~~i only know how to eat^^

Little Inbox said...

Shell, all of us know how to eat.


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