Sunday, February 19, 2012

Baby Food - Mashed Potato with Infant Formula

My baby girl just turned 6 months. It’s time for her to discover new tastes in solid food. I let her try NESTLÉ® CERELAC® Infant Cereal Rice & Mixed Vegetables for a start. Not disappointing me, she loves it. The flavor suits her taste buds perfectly. Now, she is fed cereal rice twice a day, and infant formula in between.

After 2 days of cerelac meal, I thought of preparing her baby food with fresh ingredients. First, with the potato. All ingredients were mixed into cereal rice form. The feeding was not went on smoothly. My baby didn't seem to like it at all. She felt reluctant to swallow it. Sigh......I gave up and continued to feed her with the cereal rice. So, this is an unsuccessful baby food recipe.

Baby Food - Mashed Potato
serves 1 (for baby 6M and above)

1 small-sized potato, cleaned
2 tbsp of infant formula
2 oz of warm water

1. Steam the whole potato till soft. Leave it cool, and peel off the skin. Mash it.
2. Prepare the milk with 2 tbsp of infant formula and 2 oz of warm water.
3. Mix up everything into cereal rice form.


Torviewtoronto said...

I gave like this when my children were little looks wonderful

Amy said...

It could be because the potato is too starchy for her. But it looks great though. Don't give up. Try it again in a few months. You'll be amazed how their food preference changes. :)

WendyinKK said...

my SIL tried feeding her baby with potato too, she puked it out.
don't give up, one day you'll find somethng she likes

Tony Johor Kaki said...
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Tony Johor Kaki said...

Years ago when my son was a baby getting his first baby food like this, he was refusing it. (I am a dad.) We blended beef, celery and carrots for him. We persisted in feeding him with this, on my insistence. He became a poor eater till about maybe 5-6 years old. Years later I still feel bad about forcing it on the poor fellow. Fortunately, he has grown up into a fine young man today ;D (I deleted my earlier comment as there were some typo errors.)

tigerfish said...

Keep trying! Though I don't have a kid, it's always good to let your baby try many different foods (e.g. same ingredient, different ways to prepare/cook) as much as possible. I heard the "standard" is to have 12 attempts or more!

kitchen flavours said...

Introducing new food to babies is not easy, keep trying. Maybe instead of mixing the potatoes with infant formula and water, try mixing it with veggie stock made up of carrots, tomatoes, etc.. Luckily for me, when my kids were babies, they have no problem to most new foods. Don't worry, you'll soon find her favourite after a few tries!

Joanne said...

Aww congratulations! And yay for starting her off with solids!

daphne said...

awww.. are we expecting more bb food from you? :) I heard the key is to keep trying!! Keep it up! :)

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing your delicious recipe.



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