Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lé Boss Cafe & Restaurant @ Sungai Petani

A couple of weeks ago, I did a search on the list of restaurants in Sungai Petani. I found some positive reviews on Lé Boss which is located at Lagenda Height. So without the second thought, we drove to this place.

Business is good on that Saturday noon. We could see majority of the tables were occupied by Malay customers. So, no doubt, they serve only halal food. By looking at their business license, we confirmed it is owned by a Malay guy.

Compared with other restaurants that operated by Malay, this can be an outstanding example. They apply modern style of interior design. Aquariums are displayed at most of the corners. Besides, you can see the owner's personal collection like chess sets, tea cups, golf stick, bicycles are hanged on the wall. This restaurant consist of 2 shops that's been colorfully painted.

However, talk about the service provided, we were quite disappointed. The waiter couldn't understand English, so we had to order in Malay language. Furthermore, we observed quite a number of spelling mistakes and grammatical error on their menu.

We ordered fruit spritzer each. Hubby had Sunny Sparkle (orange spritzer), while I opted for Yellow Submarine (mango spritzer).

This is my main dish, the pan grilled chicken breast in mushroom sauce with 2 side lines. Surprisingly, it was served on hot sizzling plate. Eh? Where's the side dishes?

Don't be surprised, the fries and Italy salad was only served 10 minutes after the chicken. The food is just average. Nothing special.

Well, at least mine was not so bad. My poor hubby had to wait for at least 25 minutes for his Chicken chop with 2 side lines. Luckily we were not there to celebrate any special occasion, otherwise, how to be romantic?

Hubby's order. Chicken chop with potato salad and chicken pasta. Hubby commented that the chicken was kind of "processed" food.

Price wise, the meal just cost for RM37.00 included of 10% service charge.


New Kid on the Blog said...

I finally see you already!!! You've been very quiet these days! Hope you're fine!!

BTW, RM37 is cheap comparatively with Pg food. :)

Agnes Cheong said...

This restaurant is Uni students' favourite. coz Its portion is big and affordable.

Little Inbox said...

Pal, I'm fine. Just a bit busy at work cuz I need to settle all my on hands job before I fly to Australia.

Agnes, I see. So you must be their customer too, right?

Anonymous said...

sometimes I feel this time of fancy resturant food is only below average huh...some more chicken chop is processed meat instead of using real chicken...and waited for too long...

minchow said...

Ooh, too bad about the food! Today I called a property law firm and the receptionist could only speak BM. A property law firm!! Can you imagine??

worldwindows said...

Good for a quick meal!

Sugar Bean said...

Ooh.. Too bad the food didn't taste up to expectation. But by looking at the photos, the portion of the food looks look. And for RM37, guess it's worth it.

Selba said...

Spelling and grammar error on the menu? Hehehe.. That's must be funny reading it.


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