Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tutti Fruitti Restaurant

Tutti Fruitti Restaurant
Address: L1-01, Tesco Extra Sungai Dua, 11700 Penang.
Tel: 04-6568861

Yesterday morning when I looked at Cariso's post on Tutti Fruitti set lunch, I felt a suddenly crave for it...arrggghhh, cannot 'tahan'....must eat!....I immediately IM my hubby to fetch me there for lunch. So, off we go to Tesco Extra!

Knowing what to order beforehand, I've decided to try their set C (Drunken Chicken Rice) and set F (Sizzling Lemon Chicken). The set lunch comes with cream of mushroom soup and drink.

Cream of Mushroom soup

Yes, as Cariso pointed out, the soup is definitely 'instant' type...or worse :P Anyway, the soup is really watered down and not worth to mention it. Hmmmm....why did I even post the photo of the soup?! lol...

Honeydew + Pineapple Mix fruit drink

We choose the fruit drink of the day (honeydew + pineapple mix), afterall, they call their shop 'Tutti Fruitti' right? Again, we were slightly dissapointed. One would have thought the honeydew will provide the natural sweetness to the drink right? Well, unfortunately the honeydew that they use must be the ones that taste rather bland. Not sweet at all. As for pineapple, we almost couldn't taste it...:P Anyway, stop complaining and lets go for the main course shall we? :)

Set F Sizzling Lemon Chicken (RM12.90)

I opted for Sizzling Lemon Chicken. The chicken is nicely done, crispy with sourish lemon sauce which makes it really nice...not bad at all. The only thing is the rice is too little :P

Set C Drunken Chicken Rice (RM11.90)

Hubby chose Drunken Chicken Rice. As the name implies, the tender chicken is infused with nice wine aroma, coupled with the fried rice which makes it somewhat unique. And of course, hubby ordered additional rice :P

Apart from the soup and drink, Tuitti Fruitti chicken rice is ok and reasonably priced. Though it won't win any gourmet competition, you can always hop in for a relaxing meal once in a while. :)


Anonymous said...

long time back I had set in Tutti Fruitti, remember it was near bkt jambul...??is the outlet still there??

New Kid on the Blog said...

hmmmm.... with your review, don't think I wanna visit them. :)

J2Kfm said...

this place brought back memories.
nice shots, though mediocre outing.

choi yen said...

drunken chicken in dark colour? 1st time saw that:P

My Taste Heaven said...

is there another tutti frutti restaurant at Bukit Jambul? is it still there?!
the food looks good but i never see many people in there, might give it a try soon!

Little Inbox said...

SimpleGirl & My Taste Heaven, the one in BJ is no longer there, they shifted to this location, in Tesco Extra Sungai Dua.

New kid, after so may years, their menu still almost the same, not much improvement.

J2Kfm, it was one of my favorite place during the courting time. :)

mimid3vils, :) different version of drunken chicken.

Regina Travel said...

hmm.... I only visited them once in BJ.

Little Inbox said...

Regina Travel, this is my first time to Tesco Extra Tutti Fruitti since they shifted there.


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