Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dim Sum @ Bali Hai

My family had breakfast at Bali Hai the other day when my eldest brother came back from Australia to see my mum. The place is located at Gurney Drive, just 150m away from Gurney Plaza, facing seaside. Bali Hai serve seafood during the night, but in the morning, they serve Dim Sum at very reasonable prices. The best thing is they even have free WiFi for all! The atmosphere is quite nice compared to many places, good for taking breakfast with your friends and family. I didn't come here before for dinner, so I can't comment much on that, but with the side aquariums with lots of seafood, i guess it's not bad too.

You can't miss the Bai Hai signboard

Steamed Dim Sum

Fried and baked Dim sum

Horse shoe crab

Geoduck -never tried that before, dunno how it taste like

Do they really serve these monsters for dinner?


Faye fly said...

bali hai best ! i like it nite seafood more ^^

Little Inbox said...

faye fly, thanks for dropping by. I have yet to try their nite seafood. :(


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