Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Manhattan Fish Market

It was one of the working day, when I was lazy to cook our dinner at home. So, we just went out to settle our dinner. As a working young lady, cooking and cleaning up the kitchen sometimes can be a tiring and exhausting. Don't you agree?

As usual, our destination - the Queensbay Mall. This time we decided to give Manhattan Fish Market a try. It's located at the basement of Queensbay Mall. I heard quite a number of positive and negative comments from friends and relatives.

On that day, we saw a lot of tourists from Middle East. Almost half of the restaurant was occupied by them. Maybe they were from the same tour?

Hubby ordered his Tropical Breeze, while I had my Mango juice. Tropical Breeze is a mixture of several fruit juice and diluted in sprite. It is kind of strong taste, and it's too sweet to my liking.

We shared the order of Grilled Gala for 2. On the big plate, there were prawns, squids, fish fillets and mussels. All seafoods were perfectly grilled. It's served with fragrant butter rice and fries.

We were glad that we made the right choice. Grilled seafood tastes more better than the deep fried seafood. It's a healthier cooking method with less oil. We tasted the original freshness. :)The serving is just nice for 2 of us, with some left over rice. Wasting is always a bad habit. :(

The dinner cost us RM70.95. It's a bit pricey.


J2Kfm said...

yup, the platter's all I've ever had from them. no matter there were 2,3 or 4 of us, we alwiz ordered the platter only.
but some outlets (in KL) "over-flamed" the prawns. though the melted cheese tasted fantastic, the burnt prawns somehow had a slight bitter taste.

choi yen said...

I love their butter mussels~~

Dora said...

i'm not so keen about seafood but those shown there seems to be tempting. ;)

Christina Kim said...

hahaha...I Agree totally....working ladies should never have to work on the kitchen too....that's me:p

Ooooh, I love grilled food too, it's so much nicer (forget about the healthy part), I love the taste:)

P.S: I prefer Fish&Co to MFM ;)

New Kid on the Blog said...

good to eat out at times especially after a tiring working day.

i didn't have a good experience in this outlet, in fact, my photographs are still lying in my folder, yet to post about it. :)


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