Sunday, April 26, 2009

Meat Patties In Mushroom Sauce

Patties made from grounded pork are not only for hamburgers. It can also served with salad in a satisfying Western style food. This is the idea that came across my mind. Here is a home cook meal that I made from scratch.

Meat Patties In Mushroom Sauce
serves 2

(A) Meat Patties
400gm minced pork
half of medium size onion, chopped
an Omega-3 egg
dash of grounded black pepper
2 tbsp of light soy sauce
extra virgin olive oil

(B) Salad
4 asparagus
some cauliflower florets
some broccoli florets
4 green coral leaves
10 cherry tomatoes
half of Japanese cucumber, thinly sliced
3 tbsp of Thousand Island dressing

(C) Mushroom Sauce
2 dried mushrooms
1 tbsp of BBQ sauce
2 tbsp of Maggie oyster sauce
half tbsp of corn starch mix with 3tbsp of water
a small bowl of mushroom water (water used to boiled mushroom)


1. Mix all ingredients (A) and marinate for at least half an hour.

2. Boil the asparagus, broccoli and cauliflower florets. Arrange with the other ingredients on 2 plates.

3. Wash and boil the dried mushroom for a bout 10 minute. Retain the water. Remove the stalk and thinly slice the mushrooms.

4. Divide the pork mixture into 4 portions. Gently shape each portion into ball. Flatten it into patties.

5. Heat enough oil in a non stick pan. Pan fry the pork chop until it turns golden brown. Let them rest on kitchen towel before serving.

6. Heat some extra virgin olive oil in a pan. Saute the mushroom till fragrant. Pour in the small bowl of mushroom water. Add the BBQ and oyster sauce. Let it simmer for a while. Add the corn starch for thickening. Off the fire and pour the sauce over the pork chop.


Dora said...

Hmmm...That looks very tasty! Pls save some for my dinner. ;p

Agnes Cheong said...

Omg...looks sinful lea..But so unlucky I cant cook in hostel.=.=''

Steven Goh said...

yummy, usually I will only get this at restaurant. Now I know where I can find when I am out of money to eat :)

tigerfish said...

A beautiful complete meal :)

Selba said...

Sounds so delicious!

foodbin said...

a well balanced and cooked dish-top marks!

SimpleGirl said...

wow, made your own meat patties...lot of work ya! but sure much more tastier than the ready made one...and healthier also...good work!

worldwindows said...

I stock Marina and Ramly burgers in my freezer. I noticed lots of oil being released into my pan esp when frying the Ramly's. Fresh meat is desirable!

New Kid on the Blog said...

wow... you are such a great cook!!! am drool over this... :)

Unknown said...

Yes I agree with NKOTB, you are great cook. ^o^

Duckie said...

you really are a good cook .. compared to you, i'm in level 0!!!

choi yen said...

That day I used minced meat to make meatball :p

minchow said...

Oh this is a super recipe! Simple but would taste so good! And I like how this is really lo-carb as well! Yum yum!!

Food For Tots said...

Very creative! I usually prefer to use fresh mushrooms for Western cooking.

Big Boys Oven said...

this is so amazingly delicious, so well prepared! :)

ck lam said...

Looks delicious...a dish with a restaurant presentation.

Sugar Bean said...

Thanks for the recipe. Looks healthy. Can't believe that they're make from scratch!

Elin Chia said...

I agree with CK, your food presentation is like the restaurant and needless to say the food is delicious too. A good one..yum yum


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