Sunday, September 27, 2009

Han's Cafe

Han's Cafe is located in Westfield Carousel, one of the suburbs shopping complex in Cannington. We dropped by the cafe for our dinner when we patronized the place for Thursday night shopping when we were in Perth, Western Australia. Han's Cafe serves a wide range of authentic Asian cuisine from noodles, rice dishes, porridge, soup, vegetarian dishes, entree, main course, desserts, beverages to banquet. Ian Han founded this business in year 1995. Up to date, it has 20 over franchise in Western Australia.

Hubby and I had Lemon Lime Bitters each. This is the non-alcoholic cocktail that sister-in-law recommended. Since we were in Perth, so we grabbed the opportunity to try this drink which is originated in Australia. Not bad, it's a very refreshing drink with citric scent.

Han's Vietnamese Fresh Roll. Each serving comes with 2 rolls. Prawns and salad are rolled in transparent rice sheet and served with Han's special sauce. As you can see, they include generous amount of prawns in the roll. It tasted pretty good with the springy fresh prawns.

This is what I highly recommended, the Han's Seafood Egg Noodles Soup. As per the photo, it looks pretty ordinary, but once you take a sip, I bet you'll fall in love with it. The clear soup contains the natural sweetness of seafood. That makes the noodles so flavorful. I was truly inspired by the soup base. They must have simmering the soup with lots of fresh seafood over the long hours. I could taste it.

After taking so much of heavy Western food in Perth, we found that this light dining was a very pleasant experience. The heavenly Asian cuisine suits our taste buds completely.

Han's Cafe
Address: R101/1382 Albany Hwy, Westfield Carousel, Cannington.
Tel: +618 9358 0848


daphne said...

hehe.. yes, my work mates are regular there too (Another branch though) good value for money. I also like their rice V.N beef noodles!

SimpleGirl said...

true, soup and noodle is always our all time fav

New Kid on the Blog said...

I tot new cafe in Penang... hahahahaha :)

~Christine~Leng said...

wow... the egg noodle soup sounds appetizing! :)

Unknown said...

The cafe sound familiar. lol

Selba said...

The noodles certainly look so good from the picture :)

Dora said...

Wow! The Vietnamese rolls look good!

choi yen said...

wonton noodle is used?

foodbin said...

i can see a generous amount of prawns in the rolls.

worldwindows said...

I am captivated by the soup base for the noodles. It the broth is done in such care the food must be good!


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