Friday, October 2, 2009

Flaky Swirl Moon Cake From I-One Tasty Puff

I discovered the flaky swirl moon cakes at I-One Tasty Puff! The shop has been operating in Lagenda Height, Sungai Petani for the past few months. It is located at the same row as New Secret (SP) Restaurant and Old Town White Coffee. I've always wanted to buy some Teochew moon cake for the Mid Autumn festival, but just couldn't find it. Even my hubby, a Teochew guy has yet to taste the Teochew moon cake.

So without any hesitation, we bought a box of 4 moon cakes that cost RM34++.

We had 2x single yolk yam paste flavor, 1x yolk-less yam paste and 1x pandan flavor.

I particularly love the single yolk yam paste moon cake. Their homemade yam paste is just perfect, not too sweet. This type of moon cake is either deep fry or bake. This is the deep fried version. Hubby & I gobbled down a moon cake. For the normal moon cake, my maximum intake limit is just 1/4 moon cake provided eating with plain bread.

Happy Moon Cake Festival to all of you!

I-One Tasty Puff

Address: 149, Jalan Lagenda 5, Lagenda Heights, 08000 Sungai Petani, Kedah.

H/P: 012-4761446, 017-4505248


SimpleGirl said...

Happy Mid Autumn Festival to you and family too!!!

squall said...


ck lam said...

What a coincidence...I got some of this type of moon cakes too. It is from Leong Yin in the island.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!!!

Duckie said...

so cute!!! happy mid autumn festival to you!!!

daphne said...

and certainly I miss that too!

HAPPY mid autumn festival =)

buzzingbee said...

puffy crust..I like!!!
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you!! :)

ai wei said...

happy mid autumn festival!!!

hunter said...

After get to know about this 'swirl' teochew mooncake, me and my darling with no hesitation but to buy immeadiately cause we are looking for this type of mooncake for a long time. After tasted it, I can say it was so delicious,not oily, crispy and very stuffy inside and to my surprise it was freshly made everday !
Happy Mid Autumn Festival to all !

Selba said...

Wow! that moon cakes look so good! I love with egg yolks.

Little Inbox said...

Hi all, I hope everyone enjoyed the festival. :)


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