Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Faces Steak Corner 人缘西式园

Faces Steak Corner
4D, Jalan Pantai Molek, Tanjong Tokong, Penang. Tel: 04-8900998.
Opens from 6pm to 1am.

Faces Steak Corner has been a bustling, friendly dining place at the Tanjung Tokong area ever since its existence. It has been there long enough to attract a steady base of regular customers. The dining area is based on an open air concept. I've been there several times with my close friends. Normally we'd stay up quite late to enjoy the live performance while sipping a big jar of juice.

After so many years, I'm surprised to find that their menu still the same. They serve mainly Western food and fresh juices.

Sizzling Mixed Grill (铁板黑椒酱什扒) RM17.90

For a taste of meat and seafood, hubby selected the sizzling mixed grill. The set comes with prawn, chicken, fish, beef or lamb (he chose to have lamb instead) served with black pepper sauce. I would say this is a good value set comes with generous serving!

Chicken Aux Champignons (磨菇汁鸡扒) RM7.90

This is what I opted for, the Chicken Aux Champignons dressed with Mushroom Sauce & condiments. Surprisingly the chicken thigh is just nice, without any excess fat. It's definitely better than the normal chicken chop that you'd find elsewhere.

Jean-Claude Van Damme (尚格云顿) BIG RM6.50

This cafe is famous for its freshly blended fruits and vegetable juice. They have lots of choices that serve customers' need from detox to energy boosting juices. We shared a big jar of Jean-Claude Van Damme, which is a mixed fruit juice from apple, carrot, and pineapple.

We ended the hearty meal with just a total bill of RM32.30. There's no service charge and no government tax required. Cheap?


Duckie said...

i do agree... they have the same menu and after a few times, nothing really special anymore.

New Kid on the Blog said...

I have not been to this place leh...
I find that your blog layout is very attractive la... But I can't tell what's the differences. Photo shooting is like SLR camera... Is it a new SLR?

SimpleGirl said...

faces still around? When I was in Penang, been there a few times...the food is ok, but like the ambiance there

ann low said...

These looks great. Must try this when I am in Penang.

Little Inbox said...

duckie, can go visit there once in a while is ok

new kid, you can go and try when free..my blog layout has been edited by my hubby, some minor changes here and there, u like it?
Hubby borrowed canon 1000d dslr from his brother as his brother never use one, so for this post we use it to capture the photos...prior to this post we use the panasonic lumix lx3 compact camera.

simplegirl, ya, faces still around...

Anncoo, you can go and try their food when you come to Penang.

foodbin said...

the sizzling set is affordable.

ck lam said...

I have been to this place last year. The drinks at that time were very reasonable.

Bits said...

The chicken chop is so tempting.... I am drooling now!

Dora said...

Nice food with reasonable price!

J2Kfm said...

one of our fave place for drinks when we were in USM. :)
glad that its still there.
the photos look gorgeous btw.

choi yen said...

why i saw small meat cubes in the mix grill?

Little Inbox said...

foodbin, yes agreed!

CK, considered ok with reasonable price.

Bits of Taste, yes it's delicious!

Dora, yea, quite cheap.

J2Kfm, I see. I used to go there sembang non-stop with my friends. :)

mimid3vils, that's chicken and fish, besides there's a bigger piece of mutton and 3 medium-sized prawns.

Unknown said...

Heard about this place but was told that the food is just so-so. But they are more popular with the drinks. Will have a try when I am free.

Little Inbox said...

FoodParadise, the food consider ok with that pricing. :) Nice ambiance.

minchow said...

Ooh I remember this place... I got so badly bitten my mosquitoes that I didn't dare go back ever again!! If ever I want to try this, I should come armed with repellant!


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