Sunday, March 4, 2012

Leek and Roasted Pork Stir-Fry 蒜炒烧肉

Leek and roasted pork stir-fry is almost an instant cooking. I omitted the fried bean curd for my simple version. This is so simple and yet satisfying home cooked dish.

Leek and Roasted Pork Stir-Fry 蒜炒烧肉

2 stalk of leek, rinsed and sliced diagonally
Roasted pork, cut into bite-sized
1 tbsp of chopped garlic
1 tbsp of cooking oil
50ml water

1 tbsp of oyster sauce

1. Heat up a wok. Dry-fry the roasted pork till fat released from the pork.
2. Top up 1 tbsp of oil. Saute garlic till fragrant.
3. Add leek and stir fry for few minutes. Pour in water and bring to a boil.
4. Season with oyster sauce. Mix well and stir for a while and dish out.


daphne said...

Oh yes! it's so handy to have some extra siew yoke store in the freezer for dishes like this... that is if I could resist not finishing them all by itself!

WendyinKK said...

Leek is an acquired taste that I've only learnt to appreciate recent years.

For me, I'll prefer it sweeter so I'll add in some sugar and let it caramelize a bit.

tigerfish said...

I don't have roasted pork but have some firm tofu and leeks in my fridge, and I have already planned leeks with tofu this week :P

noobcook said...

I think leftover roast pork is excellent for veggie stir fry dish. love this dish.

New Kid on the Blog said...

Add in chili padi that would be nice. :)

Food For Tots said...

This is a popular and auspicious dish we eat during CNY. But, I didn't have one this year. *sign*!

MaryMoh said... the look of that roasted belly pork. I'm sure your leek dish taste very delicious. I love leeks. It has its own sweetness.


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