Saturday, October 25, 2008

New Secret Restaurant 阿南砂煲活田鸡粥

2 weeks ago, hubby and I ran some errands in Butterworth. After that, we drove around that area to hunt for food. Of course, we admit we are not good hunters. We lacked of idea on what to eat, cuz we are not familiar with that area. Furthermore, it was a rainny day. We were not in a good mood to consume heavy meal. Ended up we dropped by this restaurant called New Secret Restaurant 阿南砂煲活田鸡粥. It's located at Jalan Ong Yi How.

Looking at the menu, basically we can choose either claypot field frog porridge, or a plain claypot porridge with either one type of field frog stuff. So, you will not waste much time on the menu.

This is the clay pot porridge. Just plain porridge. To our surprise, it's very smooth and a little bit sticky. It must be cooked under long hours for sure.

Without a veggie dish, the meal is not considered as satisfying. Hence, we ordered a plate of Lettuce with oyster sauce and meat floss. Although it is just a simple dish, but it goes well with porridge.

Between the "kung poh" clay pot and "ginger-spring onion" clay pot, we decided to choose the later - field frog with ginger and spring onion (姜葱田鸡). The meat is fresh, smooth and tender. Hmm...taste wise, although it's no bad, but there's still space for improvement. Hopefully for my next visit, I will be able to taste the difference.

Address: 6172, Ground Floor, Jalan Ong Yi How,
Kawasan Perindustrian Ringan Teras Jaya,
13400 Butterworth.

Tel: 012-4919099, 012-4018117


Allie said...

There's one restaurant at PG which serve good porridge and frog. It's located opposite Red Rock Hotel.

Little Inbox said...

Allie, yea, I remember I come across the review. Is that from you?

email2me said...

Wah ..... when porridge is served in a claypot, it is undeniable will be very tasty and smooth !!

I will go and test it out and compare it against the famous Jln Alor & Singapore Eminent frog porridge.

I get crazy over frog porridges. lol ...

Anonymous said...

It is the same outlet as the one that I visited in Dato Keramat road in the island.

The porridge is smooth and yummy...with the delicious claypot padi chicken...:)

Christina Kim said...

ahhhh.....frog....erm, I forget what I wanted to say dy:)
But Allie is right about the frog porridge in Penang; along Macalister road...I've heard it's pretty famous.
You can try if you are interested, I've heard so much from the Penangites

cariso said...

Is the one at Macalister Road one OK?

daphne said...

oo.. too bad abt it.. but I'm sure u will find something better!!

Anonymous said...

oh..those claypot field frog sound deliciuos~~when i go back homtown must drop by to try~~

Little Inbox said...

email2me, hey, welcome here! The porridge is too sticky. I prefer the watery and smooth porridge more than this.

ck lam, after I read your post on the frog porridge, I asked my collegue, so he recommend this to me. But this branch serve less variety.

Christy, I should go to Penang town area to hunt for yummy food liao. :)

Little Inbox said...

cariso, dunno wor...I have yet to try it. But based on other flogger's review, they commented as good.

daphne, yes sure! Cuz here is the food paradize, haha...

Squall, oh, you are from Penang? Ok, hope you'll like it.

Our Journey said...

Hey, i've tried this too. It's quite near my house. Not much biz and not much variety. The food is not bad but dunno why hubby kept saying the food is not well cooked.

Little Inbox said...

Our Journey, I see, you stay at that area. Hmm...To me, the porridge is too sticky lor, and the field frog dish that I order was not really flavorful.


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