Wednesday, March 25, 2009

English Gourd Soup With Soy Beans, Dried Cuttle Fish & Pork Ribs

Sometimes eating out in Chinese restaurant popped me an idea on new soup recipes. I pay attention on the ingredients used. I learn their creative way to "mix & match" the ingredients.

If English gourd alone is used to boil soup with pork ribs, the soup will not be so flavorful. It will taste quite bland. However, with added soy beans and dried cuttle fish, the soup turns into something delicious.

English Gourd Soup With Soy Beans, Dried Cuttle & Pork Ribs
Serves 2


1 medium size English gourd, about 300gm. Peel, remove seed and cut into bite size.
1 palm full of soy beans, soak for about 10 minutes
1/4 of small dried cuttle fish, soak and cut into bite size
300g of pork ribs
800ml of water
salt & pepper to taste


1. Bring water to boil in a pot. Then pour it to the slow cooker.

2. Put in pork ribs, soy beans and dried cuttle fish. Cook under high heat for 3 hours .

3. Add English gourd and light soy sauce to taste. Let it simmer under high heat for another one hour and shift to auto mode for another 2 hours.

4. Add salt and pepper to taste before serving.

The dried cuttle fish must be prepared just before the soup is boiled. It will need to be soaked, skinned and cut. Just a small piece will do, otherwise the soup is overwhelmed by the fishy smell. :)


Food Paradise said...

My hubby loves this type of soup. ^o^

worldwindows said...

Is that squash? Dry cuttlefish is a good accompaniment for tasty soup. I like my soup thick and brownish.

foodbin said...

a few dried red dates would do wonders to the soup.

email2me said...

Hmmmm .... something new to me. Never taste this gourd before. Does it taste like "MOU KWA?

Food For Tots said...

Is this Buddha’s hand gourd/ melon (佛手瓜)? It is also known as Chayote, Sechium edule in English. I luv this gourd and had tried to braise it before. Click here.

Little Inbox said...

Food Paradise, he love thick soup?

Worldwindows, the other name is Buddha’s hand gourd. :)

foodbin, yea, agree. I use a lot of red dates in other soup, and it really enhance the taste.

email2me, to describe ler? Most of the gourd taste quite bland, this is not an exception. Hehe...that's why it needs some other ingredients to bring out the taste.

Food For Tots, oh i see. I just hopped back from your recipe post. Nice sharing. Lots of info you have on Buddha's hand gourd.

mimid3vils said...

Oh.. Never see this before~~ I think I should go market more often :P

Selba said...

All this time, I was wondering what's in English is labu siam. Thanks to post this.. now, I know it's called english gourd :)

Dora said...

The soup must be very sweet with these ingredients! Yum Yum...

cariso said...

I know this must be a tasty soup from the use of cuttlefish there!

Little Inbox said...

mimid3vils, now u take more rest rather than going to market, right?

Selba, the other name is Buddha's hand gourd.

Dora and Cariso, if you like the dried cuttle fish, then you'll love this soup. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm going to try this tonight. :)

Little Inbox said...

foodees, hope that you'll like it. :)


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