Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dory Fish with Potato and Mushroom & Cookware Giveaway!

This was supposed to be fish & chips, but the chips was substituted with cold potato salad and brown mushrooms. Instead of deep-frying the battered fish, I shallow-fry crumbed fish followed by oven-baked. Doesn't it sound lighter and healthier in this way? That's our so called healthy balanced diet, hehe...

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Dory Fish with Potato and Mushroom

Crispy Fish Fillet

800gm of Dory fish fillet
1 egg
80g flour
80g bread crumbs
cooking oil
salt and pepper

Potato Salad

1kg potato, washed
2 stalks of spring onion, chopped
1 tsp salt
1 bowl of ice cube with ice water
2 tbsp thousand island sauce

Mushroom Side Dish

120gm of brown button mushroom, cleaned and halved
half of yellow onion, peeled and thinly sliced
1 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil
2 tbsp of McCormick gravy mix (or any other choice of seasoning)
1 scoop of water

Potato Salad

1. Peel the potato and cut into cubes.

2. Bring a pot of water to a boil. Add 1 tsp of salt. Boil the potato cube till soft. Drain.

3. Soak the potato in ice water for 10 minutes.

4. Mix 2 tbsp of Thousand Island sauce with potato.

5. Add the chopped spring onion to mix well. Fridge it.

Crispy Fish Fillet

1. Preheat oven to 180 degree Celsius.

2. Dry the fish with kitchen towel. Season it with salt and pepper.

3. Beat an egg on a plate. Coat the fish first with flour, then egg mixture and bread crumbs.

3. In a non-stick pan, heat up oil, and saute fish over medium heat till golden brown on both sides. Transfer to the oven to finish cooking. This will take about 5 to 10 minutes.

Mushroom Side Dish

1. Heat some oil in a wok, saute onion till fragrant. Add mushroom to stir fry for a while.

2. Add chicken salt and water. Stir fry till sauce thickening.


foodbin said...

i never like the taste of Dory fish.

tigerfish said...

Shallow-fry then oven can give such gorgeous fish! So good! :D

J2Kfm said...

Dory fish usually have that muddy taste, but of course, there are different species of Dory, hence not all are bad.

Anyway, a squeeze of lemon juice would be miles better than a lime, definitely.

ann low said...

Looks good, I love this and nice presentation.

Food For Tots said...

The combination is great! What a wholesome meal!

Looking forward to participate in your free cookware giveaway! Hehehe!

daphne said...

This looks awesome! and much much healthier than the boxed version.

MaryMoh said...

What a beautifu1 meal. I miss that calamansi a lot!

Big Boys Oven said...

wow the drooling dory! yummy!

New Kid on the Blog said...

day by day I see new surprises from your blog. am truly happy for you, pal! :)

noobcook said...

This looks amazing. looks crispy but yet soft and fluffy. omg you made me SO HUNGRY. great technique.

Elin Chia said...

Each time I drop by I see improvement in your cooking. Great Fish and Potato Salad. Love your copmposition too. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Definitely healthier if oven baked it :)) I have a gift award for u, pls do drop by and collect it :))

Sook said...

The fish looks perfect! Love it!

Christina Kim said...

It looks really good, don't worry about it...and I like that it is healthy!! =)
I love fish&chips =D

Pam said...

I've never even heard of Dory fish. Sounds delicious though and shallow-frying is the way to go. Very nice post!

Little Inbox said...

foodbin, I will choose frozen Dory than frozen snapper which need "air tupai" to clean.

tigerfish, thanks. Shallow-frying is a better method. I like it.

J2Kfm, the calamansi is sfor photography purpose, hehe...

Anncoo, thanks. :)

Little Inbox said...

Food For Tots, ok, but the giveaway is limited to thouse who reside in XX and XX only, sigh...

daphne, yea although frozen fish is used, but it still sounds healthy, right?

Mary Moh, I like the smell of calamansi. It's a good ingredient to make ice cold drink with lemon.

BBO, hehe, yes it is! :P

New Kid, surprises? You mean my recipe?

noobcook, yes you got it right! You describe it perfectly! Haha...

Little Inbox said...

Elin, thanks for the Award. The improvement proves my passionate in cooking.

Sook, thanks.

Christy, yay I know you are a fish lover!

Hi Pam, thanks. Hope to see you more often. :)

ann low said...

Happy Easter Day! I've an award for you, please come and pick it up when you're free.

Little Inbox said...

Thanks Anncoo, I got it!


Congrats LI,

Now that you even get guest invitation on rasa Malaysia - Your cook blog is getting more popular...Congrats & way to go :-)

Keep up

Little Inbox said...

Har???MRC, how did you know?


LI oso make me @_@!!! (sweat) - Your Mee udang (Malay prawn mee) posting (though cannot read in full -still can read a bit )- Eh my congrats is salah??

Little Inbox said...

MRC, not yet ready to post la, but last night I accidentally hit the post button. I already pulled it back...Wait la...

Joanne said...

Ooohhh I like the sound of lightened fried fish! Looks like the perfect meal!

Pam said...

I've never had Dory fish but it looks good. Great presentation!

Little Inbox said...

Hi Joanne, yes it is!

Thanks Pam.

jason said...

Gorgeous! But won't shallow fry caused the batter to crumble instead?

Little Inbox said...

No, Jason. With bread crumbs, everything work out fine. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, juz saw ur food blog n I love it. Your fish n chips looks soooo nice. Am going to try out your recipe. When u mean flour, what type of flour do u refer to? Tks

Anonymous said...

Hi, juz saw ur food blog n I love it. Your fish n chips looks soooo nice. Am going to try out your recipe. When u mean flour, what type of flour do u refer to? Tks


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