Friday, September 3, 2010

Cotton Cake 棉花蛋糕

I chanced upon this Cotton Cake from Sonia's blog - Nasi Lemak Lover.  The recipe was originated by Jane's Corner. I tried to bake one immediately since I have all the ingredients on hand.

Now I know why it is called cotton cake. It's soft, moist, milky but light. This is my first time baking in water-bath.  No regret of trying this recipe, and I will bake it again later. Both hubby and I love this type of moist cake.

The result compensates my frustration due to a failure in baking a vanilla sponge cake in that morning. Phew......

Cotton Cake 棉花蛋糕 (Recipe Adapted From Nasi Lemak Lover)
makes 2 x (3”x6”) Aluminum tin
30g butter
40g cake flour
40g Evaporated milk
3 egg yolk (big size)
3 egg white (big size)
40g sugar
1tsp corn flour

1. In a pot, melt butter over low flame.

2. Pour melted butter in a mixing bowl, sift in cake flour, stir well till a thick paste.

3. Lightly beaten egg yolks using a hand whisk, slowly add in milk, mix well.

4. Slowly pour egg yolk mixture (No3) into butter mixture (No2), whisk till well combined.

5. In another mixing bowl, beat egg white under high speed till foamy (about 1 min).

6. Gradually add in sugar, continue beat.

7. Add in corn flour, beat till soft peak form.

8. Take 1/3 of egg white mixture mix with egg yolk mixture (No4) using a hand whisk, stir till well combine.

9. Gentle fold in the balance egg white using a spatula, combine well, but don’t over mix.

10. Spoon batter into cake pan, smooth the top of the batter, lightly tap cake pans on counter to bring air bubbles to top.

11. Bake over water-bath at 170c for 8mins, reduce to 150c and bake another 20mins.

12. Up side down the freshly baked cake on a wire rack until it's completely cool before removing from cake pan.


Stella said...

Hey, this looks even better than a sponge cake! I think it looks like it would go well with all of the traditional sponge cake accompaniments too-fruit, whipped cream, etc. Yours is beautiful too-I love good looking food (smile)...

wendyywy @ Table for 2..... or more said...

Looks good.
Your're advancing in baking oredi!!!

Keep it up!

Duckie said...

sounds not too complicated..and looks nice! maybe i should try someday =)

masterofboots said...

You make it look so easy! Haven't tried the bake in water thing yet. such a curious idea. Will do one of these holidays!

Cooking Gallery said...

Looks very soft! It doesn't sound that hard as well to make :).

Weng said...

Wow. That looks great! This is the first time I landed on your blog and I was so delighted to find so many great pictures and recipes! Will come back for more. Thanks for sharing. :)

Priya said...

Fabulous looking cake..

Little Inbox said...

Stella, hmm...yes, it tastes very like but really soft and creamy.
Oh thank you. Still learning how to capture better photos and how to improve food presentation. Thanks for your support! :)

wendyywy, err...nolar, thanks for the tips by Sonia. This is pretty easy to bake. I admire your baking and cake decoration. I don't have much time to learn baking.

Duckie, yea not complicated. This is my first attempt, and the result is considered quite good.

Little Inbox said...

masterofboots, welcome! Moist cakes are normally bake in water bath if not mistaken, like the cheese cake.

Cooking Gallery, yes, it's not hard at all and it's very moist and soft.

Weng, thanks for dropping by and I hope to see you more often.

Priya, thanks.

tigerfish said...

Cotton cake, sponge cake, chiffon cake - are they same or similar? I am really a baking idiot! But anyhow, I enjoy soft, fluffy cakes :)

Little Inbox said...

tigerfish, me too, not good in baking. So far, I have not bake any chiffon cake, and my sponge cake didn't turn up well, so I can't tell the difference.
But, for this cotton cake, it's moist and soft like cotton. I can take lot, it's just very light.

petite nyonya said...

This cake looks super!

BBernice said...

Hi, mind to share what do you mean by water bath? Thanks...

BBernice said...

Hi, I kinda chanced upon your blog while looking on ways to bake cream cracker cake...and saw this cotton cake recipe. Do you mind sharing with me what is water bath?

Little Inbox said...

BBernice, it means the cake pan with batter is put on a tray with water while baking in the oven.


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