Friday, November 7, 2008

Chicken Rice

Yesterday afternoon while I was still at work, I was already started thinking what to cook for our dinner. Sigh... scratching my head and squeezing my brain hard. Hmm...something prompted. Err...I still have a chicken breast in my freezer, and not to forget the chicken rice chili paste that I'd made few days ago. Ok, so easiest way is to cook chicken rice lo, right? right?

This is how my chicken rice looks like. Does it look delicious? :)

A meal is not considered as a balance diet without vegetable. Don't you agree? So, I prepared another simple veggie dish, the "poh lei sang choy" in oyster sauce and garlic oil.

Here's the instruction for my home-cooked chicken rice:

one chicken breast - cut into bite size, and season with salt

one cup of white rice - wash

3" length old ginger - cut into thin strips

2 cloves of garlic - finely chopped

adequate water to cook one cup rice

2 tbsp of Canola oil

half cube of Maggie chicken stock

Chili Sauce (just for reference):
fresh red chilies, seeded



lime juice

light soy sauce and sugar to taste
- mix & blend

1. Heat oil in the wok. Stir fry ginger strips and chopped garlic till fragrant.

2. Pour in rice and stir fry for about 1 minute, and transfer it into rice cooker.

3. Arrange the chicken cubes on top of the rice. Pour in water and add the chicken stock cube.

4. Cook in rice cooker like how you use to cook plain rice.


Allie said...

Hey! You've got a new outlook. Simple and nice :-)

My blog ok d. I didn't know that I've changed the comment setting.
Thanks for letting me know ! :-)

Little Inbox said...

No problem, Allie. You're welcome!

Anonymous said...

i wan eat chicen rice...

Little Inbox said...

Squall, come I belanja you! :)

mysimplefood said...

Chicken rice......anytime, Anywhere, I did one posting of cooking chicken rice in a rice cooker both the chicken and the rice :):)

Steven Goh said...

Nice outlook. Cook chicken rice is not very easy leh... you really have to constantly check on the tempreture and also the tenderness of the meat. Anyway, your ingredients are complete for basic chicken rice :)

Little Inbox said...

My simple food, once I post about claypot chicken rice (without claypot) too. Hmm...I just like this simple cooking using rice cooker.

Steven Goh, thanks. I didn't check on temperature, just simply hentam nia. Luckily it turned out nice. If not, no dinner lor...

New Kid on the Blog said...

wow, before finish work already start thinking about dinner? :)

Little Inbox said...

New kid, yalor, this is so called multi-tasking mah, hehehehe.....


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