Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dried Scallop and Chicken Congee

I found dried mini scallops on sale when I did my weekly grocery shopping. Suddenly, this congee popped up in my mind. I couldn't stop the idea, so I brought back a bottle of dried mini scallops to accomplish my goal. :P

Dried Scallop and Chicken Congee
Serves 2

2/3 cup of rice, rinsed with water
6 cups of chicken stock
20 pieces of mini dried scallops, soaked and drained
salt to taste

1/4 chicken breast, skinned, cooked in chicken stock, hand-pulled
chopped spring onion
fried garlic
sesame oil
white pepper powder

1. Add rice and chicken stock to rice cooker, and select the program to cook porridge. (I used micro-computer rice cooker).
2. Add dried scallops in the middle of cooking.
3. When the porridge is done, add salt to taste. Let the porridge keep warm in the rice cooker for a while.
4. Serve the porridge in bowl and garnish with hand-pulled chicken, spring onion,fried garlic, sesame oil and white pepper powder.


Pam said...

This is great and your pic is fabulous. Love the colors in it and know it is delicious!

j3ss kitch3n said...

definitely my comfort food! delicious!

Cooking Gallery said...

I love eating congee, especially with chicken and century eggs :D)! Yours looks fabulous!

Priya Suresh said...

Wat a filling congee, yummy bowl..

daphne said...

another great classic! As u know, i love comfort congee-and dried scallop and chicken is such a flavoursome, healthy yet calorie low dish.

busygran said...

Love your congee! Using dried scallops certainly give it a lovely flavour and taste!

Min {Honest Vanilla} said...

Oh I just bought a rice cooker today, looks like I must try out this congee recipe! Dried scallop always impart such big taste ;)

Joanne said...

Wow! I've never heard of dried scallops before! WHat a great dish!

Victor said...

I grew eating congee with dry scallops and century egg. A classic in our family.


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