Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lotus Root and Peanut Soup (Crock Pot Recipe)

Lotus root is the root of waterlily. The root is embedded in the mud, hence you can see the skin of the raw lotus root still contain the mud stain. It is a wonderful ingredients in Chinese cuisine. It is commonly found in savory soup boiling, but now it's widely used in stir-frying and deep-frying too.

This soup taste delightful with just lotus root and pork ribs. But, with the existence of peanut and red dates, it tastes superb. Hmm...I love it!

Lotus Root and Peanut Soup (Crock Pot Recipe)
Serves 4

250gm of lotus root
300gm of pork ribs, washed and blanched in boiling water
10 red date
2 handful of peanuts
1.5 liter of water

Light soy sauce or salt to taste


1. Bring a pot of water to boil. Pour it into slow cooker.

2. Add in lotus root, red dates, peanut and pork rib. Simmer under high heat for at least 3 hours. Add light soy sauce or salt to taste.

3. Skim off the scum and oil from the surface. Serve hot.


wendyywy @ Table for 2 or more..... said...

Crock pot soups rarely taste good, except with an exceptional few, and lotus root is one of those exceptionally good with crock pot.

This is my hubby's fav and I always add in wolfberries.

Priya said...

Thats a very interesting soup, looks awesome..

Sage said...

I LOVE Crockpot soup and this one sounds fantastic. Never heard of lotus root.

Joanne said...

I've never had lotus root before but it looks so interesting...I really want to! I love how you spruced this up with peanuts and dates...always delicious.

MaryMoh said...

A very nutritious soup. It's my type of soup. I love the peanuts and dates in it....delicious!

xin said...

i love lotus root and peanut soup! it will be even better if cook with the big bones from pigs, yummmm

New Kid on the Blog said...

very healthy soup.

Stella said...

Wow, I love the idea of a soup with a root like plant and red dates-yum! Sounds very old school and delicious-pretty photo too!

foodbin said...

i like lotus root with pig's tail.

pigpigscorner said...

I'm just thinking of getting a crock pot. This soup looks so good! I love lotus root soup, so much flavour!

mysimplefood said...

My all time favourite soup!!!

Food For Tots said...

A very comforting and homey soup for the family! Love the presentation of this soup! Got to try this one day as I just introduced nuts into my son's diet. ;)

MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE said... mum used to cook these for CNY & one of those many meals ~"cooling property" for lotus root, right?

mimid3vils said...

one of the soup that my mom usually boil~~ normally dried octopus will added too :)


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